Beautiful Park and Vintage Fairs

Hello beautiful chocolate pop tarts faces!
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How are you all? I am great! Thank you for asking, ahha ...

So The other day my dad took me to the Sefton Park and I loved it there so much I had to share this experience with you. Even though I have no idea how to start I´ll try to give you a nice illustration of this amazing place.
Sefton Park is old almost 150 years but I am sure it is at least as beautiful as it was all those years ago. This beauty is full of different statues, there is also a Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and a Palm House.
What I loved about this place the most was probably the atmosphere. The calming effect it had on me. I can imagine myself sitting there on  the grass all day! I would read a book, do a bit of poem writing, doodling.... In case you are more active you can just join whole bunch of people who go for a run around the park along a little boat lake. And you can come over even with your dogs if you like. I was actually amazed by how many people own a dog, go there and still manage to keep the park nice and clean.
Sefton Park is "hosting" loads of different events, festivals and concerts all year long. In case you are interested to go for one just keep checking on internet if there isn´t something going on there. For example last week there was a Food and Drink Festival going on. I unfortunately did not take part but I checked #SeftonPark on instagram that weekend and I found A LOT of photos to see how great it must have been there.

And another thing! I already mentioned a Palm House that is in this park. Well I found out that this place is also popular spot for different events. Last weekend there was a Pillbox Vintage Fairs. It felt like they knew that I am coming. I love vintage everything so the fact I could be there was unbelievable.
Look how cute it was in there...
 Places like this and clothes like these makes me feel like I ain´t belong into this era. I would bet that I used to be a Parisian in golden era ahah
 Have you ever been somewhere like this? Have you been to retro or vintage fairs yourself? I can´t wait to go to another one. Perhaps this weekend ahah...
I hope your friday is going well by the way...
Thank you for coming over
Until next time Keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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