Red for the Holidays

As as hairstylist I am tempted to change my hair color almost every day. I know how to approach it and I myself create some good work. Still I decided to stick to some sort of blonde for about 2 years now. If there is anything people know about me, its that 2  years is a long time to be committed to one hair style. So change has been in the air. 


Dockside Dining Club

A little while back I stumbled upon a fun place. Dockside Dining Club at Albert docks, Liverpool. I can not believe I havent been here before.  It is so nice and kinda cosy there. As it was night time, all the lights seemed vibrant and the place was booming with people. 


Get that December Inspiration

 Hello lovelies! Guess what? As it is a new month, December actually, I have a massive inspiration board ready. Each month I try to show you few things that inspire me and helps me with fashion shopping and decorations. All comes from my favorite sources, pinterest and tumblr.


My Camera Gave Up on me

Last week I have gone for a day to Manchester with my dad. And it has all turned into a very different day, then I expected. To start up, I need to explain our original plan.
My dad- being a man, was in need of assistance in getting Christmas presents for my mum and sister. Being the good daughter I am , I agreed to go Manchester (so I can get out of Liverpool city center, as this is where I am every day) and do some shopping. But also being the good blogger and photography enthusiast, I saw this as a great opportunity to take my camera and get some great shots. Plus I heard that Christmas markets have opened there already so a bit of festive spirit would be nice, right?
That all sounded way too good. Which means something was about to go down.

Liverpool train station has been a mess lately as they are repairing some of the rails. This made our morning and trying to get the right train a little more hectic then expected. You' d think once we got to Manchester, we would cheer up a little. Nope. It started raining as soon as we arrived and dad decided to be a grumpy old man and tell me, he wasn' t in a mood for shopping anymore.
Brilliant ay? As that was the whole reason we traveled there.
I did not want any of that to effect our day. So I try to distract him by having him pose for me a little and giving him the camera to take few shots of me. You know, so I can show off my outfit on here. Worked!
I managed to drag him into few shops and sneak in a little something for myself, into his shopping basket. As the tummies felt hungry we went to get some Italian at Bella Italia. My pizza was just so damn nice. I could have some every day, I swear. 
This is when the last drop of my patience ran out. I turned on the camera, as I wanted to connect to my phone to see if I can edit few shots. Perhaps show off over on instagram, how cool my dad is. None of the pictures has been saved. I mean they have been saved. They just wouldn' t show up. There was a major error with them. And this has not showed up once for me before. And it meant that about 5 hours worth of shots- really nice once may I add) have been gone. I felt like crying a little.
This is when my Aperol spritz came and cheered me up a little.

Little walk later and a nice flat white at my favorite coffee spot in Manny, I was ready for bed.
Over all, the day has been lovely. We even saw some sun once it stopped raining. And there is nothing better then the chats with my old man. It just really sucked that universe decided to screw me over with those few details.

Every story has a silver lining though. In this case it is the vlog I managed to create for you and actually saved and uploaded to the You and the Tube also known as YouTube.

I do hope you enjoyed the few photos I saved from my phone and the little vlog. I really love creating these little memories. Looking back at them few months or even years later is so lovely. Makes you very nostalgic doesn' t it.
How have you started your festive season? Are you trying to just ignore it for now? Let me know over on the instagram (@DeniVev) perhaps.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest


Is it Winter yet?

I spent a nice crisp day in Liverpool the other day with my friend. And oh was it lovely. The city finally has the right festive atmosphere and weather is getting a lot cooler. People around shopping for Christmas and everywhere serves special menus. Just nice.