Beating January Blues

We all go through a little blues. No matter if it is a holiday or the classic January blues. I am kind of in the middle of mine. Nothing new planned. No holidays awaiting and all I do is work. 
There are a few different ways to beat this. You could jump on a plane and go for a quick getaway, shop in the sales, get yourself stuck in work or do what I am doing right now. Rewatch those vlogs you made through out the holiday season.
After being like 5 minutes into my Christmas vlog, I realized I have never shared them with you on here. So what better time to do so, then now. When I am really trying to get over my blues.
Enjoy x


Kirsty Doyle the Fashion Boss of Liverpool?

One thing I love the most about Liverpool, is finding new talents, brands or events. That is why I was so amazed by this woman and her company, after I found out about her last year (she was established by then for years) . Kirsty Doyle and her fashion brand is Liverpool made and based. She is doing an amazing job and there are a lot of things that inspire me about her. That is why I wanted to share with you, why you should check her out.


House to Home

One of the actually fun parts of adulthood is being able to make a house into a home. Adding little touches to your space to personalize it and make it as cosy as you please.
Home is a place, where you can relax, unwind and be yourself one hundred percent. Whatever that means. And making sure that your space shows that is important. At least to me it is.  



Just a little mood board for January to get inspired. You know this is something I do regularly to help me with my house, outfits and more. I am basically just a huge sucker for mood boards.

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