Early Bonfire Night

So this year Liverpool celebrated Bonfire night for a few days and the big display of fireworks actually happened on a Sunday. A day early. Which means that the Albert docks have been crazy full. And I for once was between this bunch of people.
I don' t like big crowds and pushing each other etc. That is a reason why I skipped any displays or big celebrations in the city for the last two or so years. Well I do tend to be busy on days when something is actually happening, but also the crowd thing.
This time around I tried my best to stay calm and actually get my ass up and go. No excuses. And boy was it worth it. I forgot how nice fireworks can be. As much as I hated them a a kid.


Sweater Weather

Since I created this blog 10 years ago most of the years as soon as leaves turned into warm brown and orange I wrote this post. It has been a few years since sweater weather TAG or challenge has been created. I don' t think anyone knows at this point, who really was the original head behind this.
For those who never heard of the tag, its a few questions related to autumn and you answer them as best as you can. Real simple and personally this has always put me in a nice mood as my candle burns and rain drops fall.


Autumnal Inspiration

There are many sources for my inspiration. From influencers online to people watching while having a cup of coffee. Every now and again I like to share some of these with you all. See where my head is at i guess or what makes me go or perhaps what helps me when shopping.

Deni x


Man Crushing through Monday

This is an absolute and total first from denivev. I have never done a Man Crush Monday before so let's make history of the blog today. But as we are all, or mostly based on my stats- grown ups here, I think it is that time. These are new and old fine finds so get ready ladies and gents. 

I will start off with a real treat. Not so known but sure growing model, originally real estate agent Donnell Blaylock Jr. or instagram known RealDonnySavage. He became famous after shooting a little clip of himself eating a chocolate bar. I know you are going to head and google that real quick, so I' ll give you a second before I continue with the post.

From chocolate to vanilla. Oh dear, is it even okay if I say that? Well I hope so. Here is mr. Stark, Leo West, David Budd, Romeo or Prince from Cinderella, this is Richard Madden. What a fine piece of royalty. I have been seeing this talented actor in many movies and shows, most recently in movie Ibiza. This is the film that made me realize how good  looking the man is. Oh and his accent in Ibiza. I was definitely impressed. 
Now for the third gentleman, Robert Christopher Riley. An actor who has been around but I havent known bout till Dynasty became my obsession. He has an amazing charisma and the bod.
Who are your MCMs these days? Any real life crushes? Maybe you have a funny or saucy story? Send it my  way and maybe you will be featured in another post.

Deni x


Lucaya and first impressions

I am going to be honest with you all. Liverpool is nice, but it does get a little boring every now and again. Finding a new place to go to for a drink, coffee, party or just chill is getting a little difficult. Especially if you are someone like me, who is not too into all the most hyped up places. You still want something unique that not necessarily everyone knows about. Yeah, though task isn' t it?
I did hear about a new cafe the other day though. And as you know from my other reviews, I do love me a nice cafe to go to for work, editing, chill with friends or family or even just for a me time.