Man Crushing through Monday

This is an absolute and total first from denivev. I have never done a Man Crush Monday before so let's make history of the blog today. But as we are all, or mostly based on my stats- grown ups here, I think it is that time. These are new and old fine finds so get ready ladies and gents. 

I will start off with a real treat. Not so known but sure growing model, originally real estate agent Donnell Blaylock Jr. or instagram known RealDonnySavage. He became famous after shooting a little clip of himself eating a chocolate bar. I know you are going to head and google that real quick, so I' ll give you a second before I continue with the post.

From chocolate to vanilla. Oh dear, is it even okay if I say that? Well I hope so. Here is mr. Stark, Leo West, David Budd, Romeo or Prince from Cinderella, this is Richard Madden. What a fine piece of royalty. I have been seeing this talented actor in many movies and shows, most recently in movie Ibiza. This is the film that made me realize how good  looking the man is. Oh and his accent in Ibiza. I was definitely impressed. 
Now for the third gentleman, Robert Christopher Riley. An actor who has been around but I havent known bout till Dynasty became my obsession. He has an amazing charisma and the bod.
Who are your MCMs these days? Any real life crushes? Maybe you have a funny or saucy story? Send it my  way and maybe you will be featured in another post.

Deni x


Lucaya and first impressions

I am going to be honest with you all. Liverpool is nice, but it does get a little boring every now and again. Finding a new place to go to for a drink, coffee, party or just chill is getting a little difficult. Especially if you are someone like me, who is not too into all the most hyped up places. You still want something unique that not necessarily everyone knows about. Yeah, though task isn' t it?
I did hear about a new cafe the other day though. And as you know from my other reviews, I do love me a nice cafe to go to for work, editing, chill with friends or family or even just for a me time.


Golden Hour

So not only is golden hour my favorite time of a day (and so almost every photographers dream), but also probably my favorite shade of hair color at the moment. It has been around for ages, I only just realized how much I am lovin this shade on myself though. Goes nice with my skin tone and looks fab with brown eyes. 


Summer Lovin

As summer is officially over and nights are colder and darker....
I have a little look back at my summer here. It has been full of ups and downs. Great memories and big chances. Even if they are not physical, I have changed. Some of my plans and ideas of future are different now. A lot of unexpected options have opened up and I am super excited bout them.
I have lots and lots of content planned for you all through fall and winter. Get ready for my little blogging comeback and now...
Let' s get a look back


The city I always come back to

One way or another, no matter how far away I go, Budapest is a place that is always in my heart. I seem to gravitate towards it. The vibe of this city is so free, calm and ... old? yeah definitely old.
No matter how many times I return, I still haven' t managed to cross everything off of my 'to see' list. But as you saw some of the spots, like the High Note sky bar I wrote about few posts back, are super duper worth it.
This time I decided to visit Buda and Pest with my friend, who has never been here. And in my nature I took loads of photos. So here you are and hopefully I' ll tickle your inner wanderlust .

 For me personally it has always been super easy way to get to this city. The train from my hometown leaves every 2 hours I believe and its only an hour wait till you get there. My friend had to do a little longer journey but even she said, it has been well worth it.
 There are plenty of things you could do or see here. Main touristic spots are definitely: Parliament, Riverside, St. Stephens Bazilica, Castle and Fishermans bastya, Hero' s square and few more. But then you have other places and little streets where I love wandering. You always find little hidden gems once you stop following the big tour groups and stroll on your own. Take those little streets and explore. You never know what you may find.
 As far as Castle and whole surrounding area, WALK. It might be tempting to use funicular or bus that drives you all the way round the hill, but dont. If it is possible walk. You will not get lost, dont you worry. There is always plenty people walking past you so in case you are unsure, just ask them for directions.
One thing I love the most is that even the old city marks keep growing and changing. They keep it exciting for visitors. That way you can come even 4 times a year and you will have a little something new to experience.
 Have you ever been to Budapest? Do you plan to or do you have a city you always keep coming back to?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest