Technic : Get Gorgeous

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Who doesn´t love a killer highlighter? Makes your face look all glowy, fresh, like you definitelly had enough sleep and water. If you choose the right shade, it even complimets your eyes and makes it pop. As soon as the sunlight hits your cheek bone.... Bam. It is basically my favorite part of make- up routine. At least these last couple of months.
I have definitelly tried a fair share of products and I know what shades suit me the most. Purples and pinks not only go with my skin complection, they also work with my eyes and hair color. Without sounding too cheesy and obsessed- they honestly create a little symphony of tones. Colors.


How I beat dry skin

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Over the years of flying around Europe, I noticed one thing. My skin hates even the slightest climate change. It might only be two hours on the plane, but boy, does my face hate me for it. As someone, who suffers with psoriasis , it is already real hard keeping up to my skin care routine. Making sure to adjust it, everytime a little change occurs. But once that day comes and I get on a plane (receantly I noticed,even trains and their AC troubles me) my face goes flakier then ever.


How I destress

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I have had some stressful days yall. Lately I have been working my ass off and fell into a real hustle mode. That is pretty much, why I haven' t been blogging much. Or actually at all. Then I realized, once I actually wrote something, it was so negative and sad, I really did not want that kind of energy on here. 
For those who have been around on my blog for a while, it is well known I enjoy a me time. Most of my posts actually are about, how to treat yourself and have some relaxing time alone. This month I really had to try and remind myself of all those tips and hacks I gave you all. Slowing down for a few minutes and doing something just for yourself is important. Otherwise you' ll go crazy.
So I decided to give myself a little treat- face mask at least once a week. Take time to cleanse my face, actually properly remove my makeup before I fall asleep in it, massage those muscles, apply mask, read a book or watch a show and then cleanse away again.
I want to try and make this into a regular thing and share with you every new product I might use. Would you be interested in that?


Everyday Make-Up Look

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As a busy girl who loves to live on a budget, I had to make sure to create my little signature look that only takes few minutes every morning and will not leave my bank account dry.  That is where this one came to life.


Beating January Blues

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We all go through a little blues. No matter if it is a holiday or the classic January blues. I am kind of in the middle of mine. Nothing new planned. No holidays awaiting and all I do is work. 
There are a few different ways to beat this. You could jump on a plane and go for a quick getaway, shop in the sales, get yourself stuck in work or do what I am doing right now. Rewatch those vlogs you made through out the holiday season.
After being like 5 minutes into my Christmas vlog, I realized I have never shared them with you on here. So what better time to do so, then now. When I am really trying to get over my blues.
Enjoy x

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