Just a little mood board for January to get inspired. You know this is something I do regularly to help me with my house, outfits and more. I am basically just a huge sucker for mood boards.


15 things to do before you turn 30

Few weeks back I have been sitting at a bar with my best friend and as you do, we started talking about our future. Sharing our dreams and goals, as much as disappointments. As we were growing up our fantasies have been so vibrant and ideas of our future were crazy. We went from being pop stars through mummies all the way to big successful women. Lawyer and a business woman.
We all know that things don' t always turn out as you would expect. Life happens, mistakes are done, relationships come into a way, compromises get made and you sometime don' t end up exactly where you planned. This could be a bad or even amazing thing.


What Will the Year bring

You know how we all set resolutions as soon as New Year comes? Well I hate that. I believe in setting yourself goals right then and there. As soon as you think of something you want to get done, you figure out how and go for it. Waiting around for the next year is such a waste of your time. I still took a time (just like I do at the end of each month) to reflect and plan. I don't just say what I would love to accomplish. I put it down on a paper and find a way to reach it. If at the end of certain time, it still didnt happen, that just drives me forward to make my dream or ambition a reality.

Sharing these little goals is something I do not normally do. But I decided to reflect a little with you on what a year has brought to me and what my plans for the next one are. 


The Merry and Bright

My favorite time of the year.
It is the hardest and most stressful build up that leads to a few days of joy, calm and love. Why do I get so worked up over the festive season? Because it is so worth it. Making myself extremely busy, just so I can take few days off and be with my family for Christmas. Spending all that time, figuring out the best presents for everyone, because it is so satisfying seeing their happy faces.
My family goes through a lot over the whole year. Work stuff, life stuff and all the other shit. For that reason it is very important for us to spend few days together to be thankful and stuffed with food.


Red for the Holidays

As as hairstylist I am tempted to change my hair color almost every day. I know how to approach it and I myself create some good work. Still I decided to stick to some sort of blonde for about 2 years now. If there is anything people know about me, its that 2  years is a long time to be committed to one hair style. So change has been in the air.