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Hello beautiful faces!
September is here and I think it is time for me to make an announcement I have been trying to save till almost the last minute.
At second half of September I will be moving away from Slovakia. England is going to be my NEW HOME. And no I am not moving to London as everyone expect. I am going to live in Liverpool. YAY.

I wanted to share this because anything that happens in my life and is better then "HEY I just woke up" is for me a share worth material. And also it is going to reflect on my blog and youtube obviously. I am continuing on my blog as I did until now only there will be photos from another country and youtube channel will be full of vlogs and exciting/funny videos.

So yeah I hope you will be happy for me and with me :) Are you pupped about the new content that is about to come soon?! I AM :)
And that is basically it for today....let me know in the comments bellow what you think and in case you are from England or somewhere around Liverpool let me know. I cam do a little meet up or something like that :)
SO until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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