I have been trying to find the new me and combining things I like lately. But I love so much I dont know how to combine all of it no more haha. In a shortcut you can see here a taste of things that influence me and ehm.. well I dont think I am doing my best yet haha.
 Its all simple and mix of heels with sneakers but I can never figure out my hair do. I am bit limited with this bob I got I guess.
What is your inspiration these days? What is your source when you are struggling?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


I rumble. A lot

Inner Peace. What a great thing. You don't know what it is? Good...me neither. I am one of those, constantly nervous, stressed or annoyed people. Yes of course I like getting little piece of calm and I love trying to relax myself. Yet I always have little voice in me trying to keep me on my toes.
This is something even my boyfriend brought to my attention. We were barely dating back then and he said, he never actually saw me calm and properly chilled.
How can one do that though? With so much happening around all of us, how can one be really down to earth calm. Not dead kind of chilled. Like you still care -and breath- but you couldn' t actually give less shit.
But then, yeah I guess this little thing called -love- is able to make you feel little better. As if you forgot bout everything that happened that day. To make this little cheesier, that is what having my man around feels like. It doesn't necessarily always relaxes me or calms me down. It makes me forget. He makes me forget. Is that the key to inner peace then? Forgetting bout things that trouble you? Makes sense like.

For example I do have some stuff happening now, bit too personal for me to write bout them. This weekend we went for a night time date to town. Drinks and chat. Sweet sugary looks. Sunday spent by going for little road trip. I only thought of my trouble like twice and that was us trying to solve it. Other then that I felt like a happy little girl. Wow is that what love feels like? I never knew it was so powerful. Am I getting too cheesy now? Oh well.

Anyways, how are you guys? All good? I know this was pretty rumble today. I just felt like writing and this is what came out. Haha. Well thank you if you made it all the way here. What other rumble would you like me to do?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*


Show her around

My mum visited the other day. First time. It was her first time in the UK, in Liverpool, on the beach, in my house, meeting my boyfriend, eating at Nandos, shopping at Primark etc. A lot has gone down in her 4 day stay. Was funny, weird, we were happy and also sad. Was great over all.
I had to snap as much of it all as I could. And you know me. I am not the one to let all of this go to waste, so this is where I' ll properly bomb you with my photo diary. Enjoy.
 What do you think about Liverpool? Have you ever visited? Personaly I am getting bored. Very bored. Wish there was more to do or places to visit.

 I' ll be back to proper blogging soon. Don' t worry.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fulest


Today in a shortcut

Not every day of your life will turn out the way you want it to. That is obvious. Everyone knows that. But we all have those days when nothing goes by a plan yet you are still busy as a motherf*cker and there isn' t much that could surprise you anymore. Today was one of those. All of my plans have been canceled or rescheduled, I still had 100 things to sort out  and I got completely lost in time so by almost 4 o clock I still didn' t have a single toast to eat. What a life haha. 
Yea, adulthood and responsibilities suck. But as Rag' n Bone sings: Some people have the real problemsss....! I am really not one to cry yet honestly. And as he also sings : I' m only human after all. So I need to give it a break haha.

No moaning allowed. Well. I am a natural moaner so slight bit should be okay. Right?! haha
So the day really consisted of sending out CVs, boring but important phone calls, making schedules, groceries shopping, freezing, more calls, more CVs and a lot of music. Not much you can write about to be fair.

But hey, I just did. I wrote bout my boring ass life. I guess that is one thing I got good at.
How are you keeping yourself on top of things. Does it get easier?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*