sois différent

Be different. I guess that is the only way I can describe myself. Especially lately. I was always trying to get out of the crowd and be different. Honestly I guess I always was this way but still felt bad for being that way. Now that I realized it is so much better to be original, unique and something else you´d expect, I am all about myself ahah. I am happier this way. I am just me! One of a kind. 



You know I like changing up my hair color all the time. I mean I figured since I am still not even a 20 year old- which kinda means in my mind I am not a proper adult yet, but I do get to make some life choices on my own- it is okay for me to try out things. Also I am in fashion industry in a way. I am meant to be called junior hair stylist so I do have to show my clients not to be scared of testing new things or trends. Well that is how I see it anyways. 


Have a laugh

I love to have fun. I am obsessed with laughter. And I have been sooo into these few comedians -WOMEN- and the just crack me up! Now that I think bout it I realize they are all American and sort of actresses or writers but ay, They So Funny!!!

So they are all four super funny but each in a bit different way. Amy Schumer is a real sexually opened woman. Extremely confident and talented. Arielle Vandenberg beautiful vine maker that actually lives a funny life and makes little clips of it. Intellectual Tina Fey shows even a mature woman and mother can talk about thing the way they are. And then Grace Helbig is just so not afraid of being honest and drunk on camera. 
You hear of them before?!

We all probably already know this woman. She is everywhere at the moment. First I´ve heard of Amy was when she was doing stand up comedy. I was impressed with how opened she was and how freely she talked bout herself, sexuality, men, etc. Then she got a show and soon after that her movie Trainwreck hit theaters and I am lovin her more then ever. She is soooo funny and right up my street. 

This lady is Arellie Vandenberg a hollywood actress, model and for a while now one of best viners I have seen. Her jokes are so real and simple. What I like about her comedian skills is that she isnt trying too much, Arielle only shares jokes from her life that sure happen to us sometimes. That is why she is so relatable. And if you won´t enjoy her jokes there is still her friend Matt who is super hot and stars in almost all of her vines :D Just sayin.

Garce helbig, originally from New Jersey sure knows how to entertain. Honestly she is so lovable. I know there are some people who wouldnt enjoy her "I dont know" let´s wing it type of  attitude, but I am diggin it. When it comes to bloggin or youtube I often -or always- improvise and wing things which I possibly learnt from Grace. She could also make fun of anything! Great comedian, actress and a writer. Oh also a host! She even had a show on E! where she interacted with her viewers who helped her create a content for the show. How original and fresh is that?!

Tina Fey is just a bomb! She does have a group of friends who are also comedians and it was kinda hard for me to pick one out of them but I an relate to Tina so much. I honestly feel like if I am a mom one day, this would be me. You might know her from SNL shows where she was amazing, or Mean Girls, Date Night, or possibly from her newest movie Sisters. I cry laughed the whole movie. I have known of Tina before and I have seen her different places but only recently I realized how great she is. I have seen like 3 minutes of her interview and it made me laugh so much and I felt like I knew her so well I only thought of how great it could be to know her in real ahah.

Which one is your favorite? Are there any other women I should know about? Let me konw so we can have a laugh together.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*


16/01/16 in photos

Happy days! I do have them. There isn´t as many of them as I would like, but I am working on it. This was one of those when I walked round and realized that I am smiling. I was happy. Which is great. And when I am happy I do a lot. I am so productive, active, smiley, talkative, etc.
I even took loads of photos through the day as a documentation of my footstep ahah.
And you know what, the feeling of calm and happiness was so good I didn´t even care that my feet were frozen. I really didn´t . I also wore more then one color. How crazy of me, ay?

I always get into an argument with my dad about modern mixed with old. Talking bout architecture. We both traveled enough to experience different cities and towns where you either have all modern or all old. And then the mix. Just like Liverpool. I personally love it. You can so see how the city is slowly growing and upgrading. How the history grows. Also there is only like one real high modern building so it isn´t like some other places where those old historical houses get lost and hidden. And I am liking it. 
Talking bout old houses. I am into those nice classic British once. I have many friends who grew up in them or around them and are tired or bored of them. Some of them even hate the style, but I am diggin it! Always on a hunt for one I could rent and redo ahaha.
Now literally in my footsteps. I wore these shoes every single day since I got them. Not kidding. And I have been to, surprise surprise, Primark but this time I only got a candle! Their candles are sooo good tho! I seriously am loving them cause I don´t want to pay crazy amount of money for something I´ll burn down ahah. But this time I found this one with Oriental Spice & Ginger and it is soooo strong and lovely! Makes me feel bloody warm and cosy. 
And since I´m saying what I have done through my day, I also touched up my room. Probably third time in last two weeks. And I am slowly realizing that I am becoming a pinterest. My room is so inspired by everything I find there and share with you here its unbelievable. But I really make it work. I think.

How do you behave when you are happy. Do you have more or less of these days?
Also would you like me to do a sort of bedroom tour thing? I had few people asking for it so make sure to let me know.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest,
DeniVev :*


Do what you want to do

That should not be an option for me! Well, I mean I love doing whatever I want to but sometimes I should have someone telling me that the length or amount of layers I wear is not appropriate for a weather outside. Cause I definitely overestimated that sun I have seen a few days ago. Deni! Sunny doesn´t necessary mean warm!

And wearing loads of layers really doesn´t help if one of them is missing long sleeves or has shorts instead of long pants ahaha. Also boots would be a good idea, but NO! Trainers are comfier. Oh Deni! 

Outfit details: Jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins! One of the best 20 quid I ever spent. Primark tights and leather jacket is an essential of mine. Sweater is from H&M and really doesn´t help with warmth but it does add a nice layered touch :D Basically the only thing that keeps me warm is Primark blanket scarf that I can´t live without. Shoes are also from Primark just like a bag. Oh and those sunnies. I absolutely love them. They are so simple and were only from Poundland. 
 I also wanted to ask you! Do you ever go by a building and think to yourself "Who can live there?" , "Is there a flat? Office? Dance studio?" etc. I always do so. Or I imagine what it might looks like from inside and how I would decorate it and do all those fun things.
Let me know your thoughts in comments bellow.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Granny Chic

I love those interiors that have an elegant, bit rustic and french feel all at one. And then when you also add vintage or retro pieces. Wallpaper, different lights, chalkboard, fur, textiles... Im in love.

 How do you feel about this place? Diggin it or maybe not?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Words Got Stuck!

It is just one of them, isn´t it? When you do actually wanna say something but don´t know how or where to start. Yes, 2015 is gone. For good. We all obviously know that. And now that I see all of these bloggers and vloggers going back and talking bout their year and how much they have done or changed it brings this weird pressure. Makes me feel like I have to write something too. Feels like I am not even being legit not recapping 2k15 and sharing my fav moments with you. That is a pressure from society, I´m telling you. But then when was I being the same as everyone else. When is last time I actually wanted to belong to this crowd?!