Walk to heaven

I am a shoeaholic. Am sure many of you gathered that up. I really can´t get enough of new shoes. Thank god I have nowhere to put them anymore otherwise I´d keep buying more haha. 
But I couldn´t resist these. TkMaxx is awesome for shoes. It is awesome for many other stuff too but you know the bargains on shoes are great.
Their are sort of the creepers styled mixed with Vans and it couldn´t be better. Real pretty and comfy.
Also you know my color scheme of the whole wardrobe haha so this black and white pair goes bloody well with everything. Still keeping it fresh with pattern.
Hm...think I´m in love haha.
Oh and did I mention the price?! NO?! Well excuse me haha they were only 14.99.
Crazy, I know x

Have you found any bargains lately? Awesome styles?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Insta Envy

Another Instagram of the week! Yay I am back on it with this. I haen´t share my favorite insta account for a while so I thought t is time to do so. 

This weeks "award" goes to RosieLondoner!
I don´t think there is any need to talk too much about her. The moment you click on this gorgeous womans place you´ll undersatnd. 

She gives me proper fashion envy...

makes me miss my friends...

gets me hungry....

and over all makes my life seem so boring haha.

You get it now?! haha
Who is your favorite at the moment?
What is your insta? Share with us so we can follow each other
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Wish I wore

Okay, so....
lately if I went to buy clothes it was for certain occasion or event. And somehow I was able to create my whole looks in just one store using one brand. So I gave myself i tiny challenge of creating looks using just one brand.
I guess I was just bored but then if you love styling it would be fun for you too hahah- So let´s see what I came up with...


What other brands should I try?! Would  you like to see more?

Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


African vibes

African Oye festival is now a traditional event in Liverpool. Every june -i think haha- loads of people gather in Sefton park to enjoy african music -from traditional tribe sound to new talented rappers- as well as food, buy home made houseware, clothes, accessories, enjoy sun and time with friends. Last year I went with my dad and we had surprisingly a lot of fun so this time around I wanted to take him again. Later on I met up with my friends and I so recommend doing fun stuff like this with your bunch. 
 I would recommend if possible bring your drinks and food to festivals. It is so much cheaper and easier. Also girl...waiting in line for toilets?! You crazy? Why do you think you´re in nature? haha Tmi?!
 oh and make sure to have some fun stuff with you like accessories, scarfs, blankets, cameras, ... you have no idea how many conversations with strangers can come up. Me and my mates we always end up with loads of pics with strangers too haha. Oh and please think of some sun protections in summer! haha . I know i sound like your mum but I did learn from bad experiences haha. Head covers, sunnies and sun creams! xx
As far as my outfit goes I had no clue what to wear. The weather was being so weird. Looked like it will rain for five minutes and in next five it was boiling hot and sunny. So I got ready for anything haha. Shirt was best find in Primark for forever now, Shorts are DIYed from old Primark jeans. I wore these tights with hearts cause not only I like them but they had little hole at back of them and for events like this I dont like wearing brand new nice once. I rather have something I will throw out anyways haha. Vans sneakers are comfiest thing ever, layered up with H&M sweater that broke up the black look. Oh and it keeps you warmer in case of need. I also had a big but thin scarf in my ASOS backpack. I learned to carry scarfs like that around cause they keep you warm like blanket if you get cold but also you can use it to sit on. Mine lets 3 people to fit on comfortably so yay. Oh the sunnies are last years from New Look I believe. 
 So much fun! Have you been to this festival? Are you planning on going to some? Where would you recommend me and my friends to go?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :* 


The most sentimental human

I am sure I could win an award for most sentimental person. I don´t like throwing away gifts or souvenirs or little things from childhood. I only get like a day in a month where I don´t care and can get rid off anything so I use those days to clean out my place hahah. But it isn´t just the classic stuff. I have all the photos and videos I ever made. Even videos for youtube. They are all up on my channel just privated cause I don´t want them gone haha. So I decided to browse few of my photos and find some from this time of a year -june- from years ago.

June is obviously beginning of summer so it has always been the ending of school, start of holidays, sunny days, fun and friends kinda time. And It is my birthday on 11th of June so that is another fun thing haha.
Picture above is from when I turned 16. I´m pretty sure haha. This was a sleepover at my besties and she made a cake and all. It was real fun time for us. I remember whenever I been round we had workout evenings, hair makeover (since her mum is hairdresser), movies, baking and all the fun stuff teenagers do lol.

This was one of my all time favorite trips, holidays, memories and experiences. I was freshly 15 and my sister was turning 19 soon. That is why out grandma decided to take us to Italy for little holiday. We were so happy and excited. We saw Rome, Napoly, Pompey, Vesus, Capri, Sorrento... This was the holiday that made me fall in love with Italy, especially Sorrento.

And this is pretty clearly my 5 year old mini me. How cute was I?! haha. I know I always woke up as little feeling like it is Christmas. You know those little excited butterflies. Loved it x

Okay so this was my 17th birthday and my hair was clearly longer then it is now haha. Oh and I have no clue what we are doing on this pic haha. I just love the randomness of it. Just a classic momento of me and my bestie haha.

And one of my best birthday celebrations. Trip to budapest with two of my besties for my 18th. Absolutely loved it. We wandered, ate, danced, laughed, enjoyed each others company not knowing I´ll leave them to live in England. Loved it.

And there are so many more.
Would you like me to share some more pics that were never seen?!
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest


Let´s Go for Cruise

 I have been a fan of Valentino for ages but the newest collection...mm... Ladies and gentlemen this is Cruise 2017 ! 
 Absolutely love these few pieces. I mean the whole collection is awesome! These are just my favorites. The materials, styles, prints, colors... the way they brought it all together. Beautiful!
What do you think?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

Rush Out the Door

Rush out the door! Now! that should be a #hashtag for all my outfits lately. I have been "flying round" whole Liverpool lately. Work, friends, me time, college, family.... Combining all of that is pretty hard sometimes. So you can imagine the outfits I create lately haha. So it was hard for me to shoot them for you to show what I have been loving to wear lately.

But then hey... this is a personal blog for all classic everyday women who are just like me. Flying all over the place. So a few days ago I decided to just start taking quick snaps of my outfits (on the phone cause my hot red camera decided to give up on me- again) and share them.
Oh by the way- the fact that I wear the same colors all the time has been so helpful! No problem with matching since everything in my closet matches haha. 
Okay, I literally just edited these photos together and you can so see, I finally found my style. Just give me some black, white and blue basic pieces, bit of denim, stripes, loads of sunnies and I am a happy flower child hahha. Oh my god I love this. 
 Oh this is actually pretty funny. Looks like I made a certain uniform for myself haha.
Do you have any pieces you can´t stop wearing? Do you also have a "uniform" ?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Gotta work more now

So you definitelly noticed I haven´t been too active on here lately. Sorry kids. I have been pretty busy traveling, with college, work etc. And to be fair I was also just trying to stay off of internet for a bit. Only thing I did was talked to friends on social medias or watched shows online. And even that not too often. Weird isnt it haha. Doesn´t sound like me. 
But ay my Birthday is coming up! I can´t explain how I feel. Seriously. For all my UK friends, imagine the feeling you had when you were turning 21. Yeah thats how Slovakian feels on their 20th. Scared of getting old. But then I am feeling more mature then I actually am. Not to be weird but I was also told I seem older then I am. And I ain´t talking bout looks. We all know I look like 17 haha. 


Give it another Chance

There are many occasions in life when you are thinking of giving something or someone another chance. I usually decide not to. But when it comes to fashion, clothes, bags or shoes. Yes please!
Am a big not only bargain hunter and sales enthusiast but also secondhand or thrift shop lover. I find it amazing when you find something original, unique, homemade, vintage, old trends, trends coming back... for so cheap. All I did today at my local charity shop was danced. Yes! I actually did my happy dance at the changing room.


All for Women and Inspiration

I have been lacking inspiration in many ways lately. Kept doing the same things, wearing same clothes or styles, going same places. Might be a reason I found it dificult to post anything on here lately. I didn´t know what to write about. I do have about six posts that I started writing and creating but I have always stopped. I knew noone will enjoy it and I never wanted to add here something I wasn´t at least a bit happy about. So here goes my latest inspiration. Everything I´ve seen in last few days and got me excited to experiment again. Oh and happy bout summer. Whoop.