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Hello beautiful crispy chocolate-y faces!

It is over a week since I moved into UK and I think that I have seen like the most of the city by now. Well I had nothing else to do since I am not getting any response on my job applies. I have been wondering around and getting to know it here as much as possible. Obviously I had my camera with me and shot everything I found inspiring, pretty or just interesting. So I thought I´ll do a post about a few places that I really did enjoy visitinng this week so once you decide to visit Liverpool you can give them a try as well.

1. Fairs - I am a fan of any fairs either they are food fairs or clothing or home fairs. I just like to wonder around and see the offer and discuss on the prices- if possible- etc. So obviously if there is a possibility of me going to any of them I DO! Last weekend I´ve been on Pillbox Vintage fairs - I have mentioned it in THIS post- and this weekend I´ve been on their Retro Fairs. I personally think it is always worth at least giving a look to any of these events.

2. China Town - I have never been to China or anywhere near that part of world. The closest I ever got to the eastern culture was a Chinatown in London 5 years ago. But this week I went to Liverpool´s Chinatown or district with my dad and it was pretty interesting to see how they live here in England and how they made that classic British architecture -that I love so much- into their own style.

3. Cathedral - I am into old buildings, churches and cathedrals. Especially if they are nice British styled with classic brick walls (I know my explanations of architecture are priceless) . So no wonder that I like these two I have seen the other day. Plus the acoustic inside Liverpool´s Cathedral was AMAZING. We went inside just as the serve started and it was interesting to see a bit different kind of serve then what i am used to back home.

  First we´ve been into this church that had been bombarded through second world war and now they made it into this venue for events or protests. In case you are planning your Halloween there will be a Frankenstein night here sooo....
 And this is the one I am going to go back to for sure. It is beautiful and you can go all the way to the top of the main tower.

4. Central Perk - after all that walking you have to have a little drink or coffe perhaps. I definitely need to add energy after walking for so long so once I found Friend´s fav cafe I HAD to go inside. This one is on the Bold street right across the street from Leaf on Bold street where Retro fairs were being held this weekend.

5. Drinks at SOHO - or maybe you are not such a coffee lover. In that case try a SOHO bar at Concert square on the Wood Street. The atmosphere there is great and  they have a nice industrial feeling. Also they have A HUGE selection of drinks and a few snacks as well (hamburgers, chips,....).

6. Albert Docks - It feels like I am in Venice for some reason when I am at Albert Docks. Not much but it kinda does. The architecture is lovely, ships here are amazing and there are loads little cute cafes or gift shops which I am a bit obsessed with . They are a definite must see once you are in Liverpool.

 I hope I made you want to go and travel once again ! :) Thank you for reading and I guess that is it for today.

Until next time ... Keep safe and live your life to the fullest...
DeniVev :*

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