Mirror, Mirror on the wall

One of the first things you learn the moment you enter my life is, I take photos of everything, everywhere and at any time. Simply me! So no wonder I take photos of my outfits - the "classy" way- in mirrors, pretty often. Until very recently I had no idea why I am doing this. I only had a little voice inside my head telling me to do so. But after I read a blog post by Rebecca or AClothesHorse about 6 ways blogging changed her style, I realized I can actually learn so much from the photos I take all the time. I could actually get to know myself a bit more. 

Now I am a 19 year old, soon to be 20 and going through that time where I feel like I am exactly where I wanna be but still questioning my life choices. I am sure I am only about to find my style. We both, you and me, seen me change from one style to other multiple times. There is no chance that this will stop any time soon. So the thought of documenting my every day apparel and seeing the differences, the styles, the cuts, colors or trends I go through could actually be educational or helpful in a way.  Don´t you think so? So then when I am let´s say 21 and having no clue what I am going to do with my life I might actually have one stable thing! I´ll have my style! I´ll eventually find me! 

What do you think? Is it a good idea to keep documenting my outfits and seeing how I change and possibly one day learning from it? Have you ever thought of doing something similar?
Let me know!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*


Sara, Adam and Vogue

Have you been keeping up with all the fashion weeks extravaganza so far? I know it seems really hard. So much happening at the same time and let´s admit it, if we aren´t there we probably have a lot more other stuff to do. But I still did find some time to check out what has been happening. So far I have two favorite moments from whole fashion world this year. First was Chanel Paris Haute Couture show and the hairstyles by Sam McKnight models rocked. The second is this teaming up!

Vogue asked Parsons to send one of their photography students- Sara Julia Waller- backstage for a runway show of Adam Selman and show her take on backstage atmosphere. The photos in my opinion turned out to be so fresh, young and energetic. Even Vogue said " the results are just as fun as the clothes themselves." 
What do you think about them?!
For more and source click here :)
All rights reserved  Sara Julia Waller

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
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Isn´t it all so lovely?!

Now here is a thing I knew for a while now and Estee Lalonde has confirmed it to me in one of her latest videos on youtube that, If you want to find your style and image one of the best and easiest ways to do it is finding photos. Looking at blogs, pinterest, tumblr, instagram even. Seeing what others wear and adapting it to your wardrobe. Find similar pieces in your closet as you see on others. Have basic pieces and add something that will eventually become your new and real you.
Reason I am writing all of it is, that I have been looking for outfits this way since I was probably 11 but it is only recently I realized it actually influences my style.



I have mentioned a while back that I like finding new and upcoming artists. I love the freshness and humbleness or musicians who are just starting to feel just how amazing they are. Being a part of their original little fan base seems pretty nice. A while back I discovered on streets of Liverpool Jamie Harrison. I did talk bout him a bit before.  His voice is really soothing for me and the passion he has for music is unreal. 
Yesterday I have been wondering round the city with a friend of mine- as I do, and I could hear a music that basically lead me to this incredible band. Keywest!

 I have seen them round Liverpool for last few days and let me tell you, their looks really caught my eye ahah. But this time it was the sound I hear. A nice mixture of Mumford & a Sons and The Script. Their lyrics pretty and meaningful. Stories behind them were honestly funny at times and the happiness and passion on their faces as they did something they probably live for .... well I could see right a way they will be BIG. I´m telling you!

In a shortcut - you need to start listening to them! Like now ahah. I mean this combination of Irish and British really works. At least for me.
If you don´t know where to start here are my tops by them:

Amazing aren´t they. I know.
Who is your favorite musician at the moment?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
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Wish I wore : Hot

These are few outfits I think would be pretty damn hot. And on trend! The only difference in this WIW and all the others is that I didn´t care about the prices. Usually I make this post using clothing pieces I could actually buy and I would pay for. This time I let my mind go loose ahah. So I know that I will never ever get most of these items. But I, it is called Wish I wore for a reason ;) 

On this first outfit I felt in love with trainers. And then the rest just felt in place I guess. This is something I would so wear for a classy day out. Especially now since it is finally so nice and sunny out. Lovin the color combo.
It would have to be slightly warmer for me to wear one of these but oh hey! I am on a hunt for a new denim jacket cause I am so sick of my old one. Also I never ever like this army green. Or any green to be honest. But you know what?! I am actually thinking of getting a lot of it for spring. 

This one is deffinitelly the most classy and fashionista like out of all three. And fun thing is that I am obsessed with every single one of these pieces. I put them together just to try it out after I had all of these items on my wishlist. Suddenly I saw a great outfit getting formed. Love the colors too.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you ever plan out outfits like these? I know you day dream bout yourself in clothes you dont even own ;) Admit it ahaha
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
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All Covered Up

You have to be properly covered up and bundled up here in England lately, otherwise you´d freeze! Your ass would be ice cold! Yea that sentence really was a necessary statement. 

Who knew that I will be freezing cold in Liverpool and I´d be running away from hale. Which is as close to snow as we got so far. Now I do like a winter, but when I have to be taking buses everywhere , which includes long waiting times and walking longer distances in this weather... let´s say I am getting annoyed! 
Okay, yes, as everything this also has a bright side. I can layer! I can weather multiple pieces of clothes to keep me warm. Oh and biiig scarfs are essential! Which I can´t complain about cause I love those.
If you ever seen my pinterest boards you know I am into winter wear. I mean it is more fun to be putting together all these pieces of clothing then just putting simple summer dress on. I know you agree with me!
What type are you? Summer? Winter? 

outfit details: classic PRIMARK jeans, shoes, bag, coat and scarf. So original of me right?!

On a more serious note. What is wrong with this weather. Like seriously?! Ahaha

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*