Blogging Break !

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Hi yall!!
Sorry for being away for longer time now. I was finishing with school and I strated in a job and I was also on a school trip..I just didn´t have a time for ANYTHING :/ But I am back now and I hope I´ll make some good articles really soon :)
For now I have here a few pictures I found on internet recently (they inspired me) :)
Have a FANTASTIC day :)
 Love -Deni- xoxo


Once Upon a time....

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...there was a little girl. It was actually 11th of June , when she came in to this wonderfull world. .... And today she turned 16 :)
YAY!!! Yes it is MY BIRTHDAY !!! :) I am really happy :) Well it kinda sucks tat I have a b-day on Monday and not through the weekend (as usually) but I am enjoying it anyways.
I had a little party with my parents and my sister yesterday and there are a few pics :)
So as you can see....I got a B-day cake (almost the same as I wished, but tastier) and one really unexpectible gift. A PHONE! :) it is Samsung GALAXY mini. I really wasn´t expecting this. I was saying to my parents that they don´t have to give me any presents at real and that i LOVE my old cool phone :) I was sure that I loved my old phone but now when I have this one I feel like we will be friends :D
I am having a little party with my BFFs this weekend so keep tuned for those pics :) Byeeeeee


Top 10 Songs - June 2012

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Hi there! :)
So today I decided to start this new thing :D Since music is a HUGE part of my life (I love to play music on a lot of different instruments, I love listening to music and  singing. And  I am also doing my own music :D ), I will be posting here every month a TOP 10 songs that I was listening to.

1. Lancifer - We Bring The Party
2.JLS & DEV - She Makes Me Wanna
  3. Flo Rida- Whistle
4. Coldplay & Rihanna- Princess of China
5.BoB-So Good
6. Top Of The World- Lancifer
7. Train - Drive By
8. JB- Boyfriend
9.Givers- Noche Nada
10. One Direction- NaNaNa
So yeah.....these are my favs at the moment. As you can see I am a fan of One Direction and JB as well a little bit :D All of the songs are really nice and rythmic but especilly summery :D And thats is the best thing about them. I can imagine myself listening to these song all summer long. :)
Hope you enjoyed :)



B-Day WishList 2012

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Hello there ! :)
So... I am going to be 16 in 7 days and I am pretty exciting! :) I can not wait to be a bit older but I am also sad at the same time. I am not in to getting older, because I am scared of being adult. I would like to live alone and be able to do what I want, but.... Being responsible for myself and having to pay the bils and everything on my own .. : / ..... well...lets say, that thats not my thing :D At least not yet. :) I hope you understand me.
Anyways.... I am exciting for my upcoming Birthday and I am planning a little celebration with my best friends and my family too. Be ready for a pictures :D
And for now, there are some pictures of thinks, that I am dreaming about at the moment :) (I know I won´t get probably like 80 percents of these stuff, but I wanted to share anyways :D ).... HOPE you enjoy ! ;)

1. Birthday Cake (Zoe´s 21th b-day cake) - I am sure that I will get this one, because my mom promised me :)
2. Ombre Pink Top from H&M http://www.hm.com/gb/product/02757?article=02757-B
3. Bikini Top from H&M http://www.hm.com/gb/product/98554?article=98554-B#article=98554-B
I just realized, that there are A LOT of stuff, that I want from H&M so I would probably ask for a Gift Card :D ahhah
4. Any of the Spike Bracelets from Forever 21 for example THIS
5. One Dresses from website www.boohoo.com, I can´t even choose one of them, because there are a tones of them and they are all great :)

6. A body painting colors from http://wayfarer.sk/1913-Body-painting-sada.html , so we can have fun with them on my b-day party :D ahahh

7. Some CUTE CUTE CUTE stickers and notes and papers and anything else from www.galison.com, because I love all these little things and I love to write a letters for my friends living abroad.
 8. Book What would Audrey do? www.goodreads.com/book/show/2996159-what-would-audrey-do
 9. Black CUTE pumps :)
     I would like to ask for Sam Edelmans shoes.....
 but, i don´t want to ask for thaaat expensive present , so I am probably gonna ask for these from ZARA
10. as my last tenth wish, i would like to ask for luck, health and happiness in my life. :)

Of course I don´t expect to get all of these presents... these are just things I am dreaming about and that would make me happy :)

How I Style : Denim Shorts for Spring

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 Romantic and Girly
Denim Shorts : DIY
Shirt : GATE
Flats : Random Store in Hungary
Bracelet : DIY
Watch : Present
Sunglasses: H&M
Ring : tent market
Earrings : H&M

 Rock-Boho and Girly:
 Shorts: DIY
TankTop : Local Boutique
Vest : SecondHand
Shoes: Local Boutique
Necklace : NewYorker
Watch: present
Bracelet : present
Ring: tent market
Sunglasses : local boutique

Country-Boho and Girly
Shorts: DIY
TankTop: H&M
Jacket: vintage
Shoes : Local Boutique
Necklace : Takko Fashion
Sunglasses: Chinese Store

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