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Hello beautiful faces!
It is schooool time again! wooow this years summer holiday went by super fast. At least for me. I am not going to school this time though. But still, you can feel that change somewhere in the air. Lets face it...everything changes.
And I thought that since I am not going back to school and I can not share what I do to make myself feel better about school etc.- I WANT TO share a little inspiration "board" I made for you all. You know so you feel a bit better :)
Hope I helped :)

School Fashion
I love september and back to school season because it also gets a bit colder. that means I finally get to layeeeer. 

for school days I loved having my hair out of the face and that is where all the braiding and twisting skills come in handy
also head accessories as hats, beanies or caps can make an outfit  complete and cuuute
Natural Face
first-in a lot of schools make-up may be forbidden,second- you are in school! keep it nice and simple :)
Get it together
organize your life, your work, your school

do YOU have any tips?! Please share with us :)
DeniVev :*

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