The city I always come back to

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One way or another, no matter how far away I go, Budapest is a place that is always in my heart. I seem to gravitate towards it. The vibe of this city is so free, calm and ... old? yeah definitely old.
No matter how many times I return, I still haven' t managed to cross everything off of my 'to see' list. But as you saw some of the spots, like the High Note sky bar I wrote about few posts back, are super duper worth it.
This time I decided to visit Buda and Pest with my friend, who has never been here. And in my nature I took loads of photos. So here you are and hopefully I' ll tickle your inner wanderlust .

 For me personally it has always been super easy way to get to this city. The train from my hometown leaves every 2 hours I believe and its only an hour wait till you get there. My friend had to do a little longer journey but even she said, it has been well worth it.
 There are plenty of things you could do or see here. Main touristic spots are definitely: Parliament, Riverside, St. Stephens Bazilica, Castle and Fishermans bastya, Hero' s square and few more. But then you have other places and little streets where I love wandering. You always find little hidden gems once you stop following the big tour groups and stroll on your own. Take those little streets and explore. You never know what you may find.
 As far as Castle and whole surrounding area, WALK. It might be tempting to use funicular or bus that drives you all the way round the hill, but dont. If it is possible walk. You will not get lost, dont you worry. There is always plenty people walking past you so in case you are unsure, just ask them for directions.
One thing I love the most is that even the old city marks keep growing and changing. They keep it exciting for visitors. That way you can come even 4 times a year and you will have a little something new to experience.
 Have you ever been to Budapest? Do you plan to or do you have a city you always keep coming back to?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest

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