Interior Obsessed

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I am always on a hunt for some interior design inspiration. When I was younger I even thought about being an interior designer. Anyways, since I am always checking some cool places/houses/apartments I often find places I absolutely love. And the way some people decorate their homes is so exciting for me. Like this flat. It is in Stockholm and I found it over on Wrede.se and I am kind of obsessed ahah. I mean just look. It has a modern and surprisingly warm look but they kept some old fashion details which gives their home a real soul.


In love with Ink

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Maybe you already know, maybe not, but I can really appreciate a nice tattoo. Unusual, super artistic or really personal ones are for me always a good idea. I myself have made my mind to get a few done and already made my mind what it will be. And I left this thought process in my head for over a year now and I still didn´t change my mind bout it and I still want the same design. Which in my case means I really CAN do it now and be sure I won´t regret it.
There is this website TattooLogist and they have the best collection of tattoos from all over the world! People keep sending them in and they keep finding more and more amazing inks. Great for inspiration if you are thinking bout getting one or if you just like looking at them.
Here I made a little selection of the ones I like and would get myself.


Bras Out aka Naughty Barbie

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You have seen me wear this playsuit many times before and this is defo not last time! Just so you know. I love the color, cut, the price was more then satisfying....
The only problem I have is that I can´t find a bra that would not be showing. And yeah my friend recommended me to go braless but that is NOT an option for me. I have a lot to cover so it would be not only un-appropriate but also uncomfortable. Got me girl?! So I thought "I don´t give a piece of brownie anymore. I´ll just rock it with my almost matching bra!" . After all, at least everyone can see that I am wearing one. And that is exactly what I am telling myself whenever my skirt or pants are see through and you can see my beautiful knickers ahah.


Don´t Let Me Do This Again, Please

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I should just NOT be allowed to take pictures of myself before I go out for a girls night out! Seriously ahah. Me and my friend we kinda have this tradition of listening to clubbing music before we meet up in town to get ourselves ready and hyped. And as you can always see from pictures I post up I do really get hyped.
Sometimes I look pretty okay but next time I end up looking like a drug addict or the weirdest person in Liverpool. And non of that is the look I am going for. This weekend wasn´t different. We were per usual going for a night out and I did my classy photo session before I left home.
The next day I realized that almost none of the pics is good. They are defo not flattering but then I kinda find them funny. So I thought that even though I don´t like them 100 percent I will share them with you. Cause you know, NOBODY IS PERFECT ahah.


Strolls and Lols

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I mean, you know how much I love a good old stroll and when you combine it with the happiness I felt in last few days... Oh, my! I was more then loving my life!
So the other day I went for a walk through Liverpool and went to one of my favorite places in the city. The spot with a best view in the Liver and Pool ahah.


My Sunny Wishlist

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Hello beautiful faces!
Now I am sure that every single one of you have those moments when you are browsing some websites and suddenly you realize you are online shopping for over an hour and you already have like 200 items in your carts on every e-shop there is.
I do get that every now and then. And instead of actually buying something I decide to make myself a little wishlist (here on my blog) so I can see what I want and then just go and work for it.
Might be sad but I usually buy myself something either because of its suuuper duuuper low price or to treat myself for something.
So having a list like this is always a good idea.


Look and the Book for May

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Hello beautiful faces! - I didn´t write that greeting for a while, did I?!
I few days back I uploaded a LookBook video to my youtube channel and since it got a nice amount of views I feel like it is just about time to share aaaall the details bout my outfits. So let´s get into it.
Oh and in case you haven´t seen the video... here you go ;)


Throwback to Summer 2014

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My year 2014 has been incredible! Real eventful and full of crazy changes. You could have read all about it over HERE. But the part I guess I enjoyed the most and I actually miss at the moment- is the summer!
That is why I thought I´ll do a little browse through my old pics and share with you a few of my favs. You have probably seen most of them- but I know I have some new readers who have no idea what I have been up to last month neither last year. So lets see what actually happened.


D´Opium and my obsession

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I love trying out a lot of different perfumes. In last few months I have been through probably four different ones and one that I love probably the most right now- yes even more then Chloe- is my Yves Saint Laurent - Belle D´Opium.


Sunday Inspiration

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These posts are nothing new to the blog. If you´re reading DeniVev for a while now you know that I love getting inspiration from other bloggers, social medias....  And then I share them here with you so you can get inspired too. As simple as that.


Maritime and Rain

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I am not a fan of those days when it is all sunny and warm, you decide to go out and explore the town and suddenly it goes all cloudy and rainy. That is what happened the other day.
Thank god for Maritime museum in Albert Docks, Liverpool. They might have not save my life but definitely saved my hair. Lol.


Can´t bear This

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Kardashians are almost everyones secret obsession. Mine too. SO ?! And I always considered Khloe to be actually the strongest and funniest of them all. I mean she has been through a lot and she still keeps going and she gets through problems similar way I would. Plus lately I became a little bit obsessed with this gal.


Deni and Scandals

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I am a real eye liner lover! Don´t even wear my eye make-up without it anymore! So the fact that I am changing my eye liners monthly doesn´t come as surprise, does it?!
A few weeks ago I bought a RIMMEL SCANDALEYES eye liner and I am so happy I did. Has the best consistency, applicator is really thin and so easy to use. Also it is waterproof so you can be out partying all night and no one will no you didn´t even touched up.


Black and Hot

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Black pumps are a MUST HAVE in every woman´s wardrobe. I don´t even know how someone can live without them. Even my sister has a pair. And she is one of the sportiest and most tomboy-ish women I know.


All about Me and My Curves

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I have always been the chubby one. The one that blamed her body for everything. For not having confidence, for not communicating with boys, for not being able to wear whatever I want, for wanting to hide in the corner ones I was on swimming pool and even for being bullied.
As I was getting older I met a lot of people who were trying to help me with this feeling. And after a while, I mean after 18 years, I actually started liking myself and my own body. Finally.


I Wish I Wore: Two Piece Power

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My style has changed a lot lately! Definitely like more sophisticated and feminine outfits now and if I can show up my curves I´ll defo go for it. Amazing change isn´t it?! After I wrote that I don´t think you´ll be surprised that I have been trying out different two piece outfits with crop tops. And to make sure I know how to wear and style them before I buy them I thought I´ll do a little ´I Wish I wore´. I think I did pretty good. What do you think?

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