Photo Diary de Czech Familia

Hello there my beautiful pink headed sparkly diamond-y lovely faces!
How is your week ? I know it is just Tuesday and weekend is so far away, but I am sure you´ll make it out of this week safe and alive.
I just got back from Czech republic where I ´ve been on a quick visit of my family and I did a few photos so I thought I´ll share them with you all. What do you think about that?
 It was a really rainy journey... thank god it was all nice and warm on our way back home. I had a few heart attacks on our way there-in this rainy situation- those drivers are CRAZY!
 I HAD to take a quick snap of this window. There is a bar or what in Brno and I have no idea what it is like but this poster always gets me.
 I am in love with this Cathedral.... It became kinda my tradition to come here whenever I am in Brno :)
 Aren´t these the cutest thing ever?! I also own a dog ones and they are just as cool as these ones are.
 If there is something except for my fam and friends that I will miss ones I move to UK it is definitely original Kofola. I don´t drink it anyway often lately but when I do I feel like I am in heaven. 

I also tried this new brand of fresh juice and I really wasn´t impressed about my choice. However my mom had an amazing one! So UGO juices are worth trying. just saying. Oh and I learned myself how to do these loop bracelets. They are sooo easy.. :D

And that was my trip to CR. Have you ever been there? I love it there. It is my second home after all and people are so nice and generous to you. Amazing....

I just found a few photos from probably two weeks ago from birthday fiesta I had with my bestie that turned 18 and I wanted to put them up here but I guess I forgot. Is it okay if I put them here? Well you ain´t have a choice after all right?! ahah
 And that is how we do ahah...

I hope your day will be great
Until next time keep safe and life your life to the fullest...
DeniVev :*

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