5 days left

Hello beautiful faces!
So I have spent last probably five days in Czech republic with my family (photo diary coming soon) and now that I came back I finally realized that I have ONLY 5 days left before I move to England. -you could hear more about that HERE- and I am starting to be really nervous. It will change my life A LOT soo... yeah :) But I am also really excited obviously.
I already have a huge list of things I HAVE to buy and places I want to visit- well more stores I need to visit LOL.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? Do you live somewhere near? LET ME KNOW.

Oh and please - How do you pack your life into ONE suitcase?! I am having HUGE troubles with THAT ahah.

That is all I wanted to share with you today. Just ...yeah :D
I hope you are having a great evening.
Love you all
DeniVev :*

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