When the fluff is right

I always dreamed of nice soft faux fur coat, or something fluffy, teddy bear like or peacock looking. I know my names to these coats are priceless. And I never really found something that wouldn' t triple my size or empty my savings. Until now of course.

I found this cross of fluffy and teddy bear like. I love it. It does make me look bigger but I got to the stage where I didn' t even care anymore haha. It was so soft and comfy I had to have it.Plus into the best part... It is only from Primark and cost 20 quid. Great isn' t it?

 I absolutely love wearing it. Just add whatever else that keeps you warm and you be good haha.
There are hundreds of ways to wear it and where to wear it to. You can head to grocery shop or to gala. You choose the combination. 

Body con dress, €30 / Fur coat, €2,34 / Black boots, €48 / Chanel purse, €5.040 / CLUSE leather watch, €76 / Vero Moda long scarve, €15 / Lipstick, €48

DO you like these coats?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Shiny and Soft

One of the biggest nights is round the corner, only few days away actually and I' m not sure bout you but I am stressing bout my outfit. What do I wear? What shoes? Makeup? Etc. I don' t even know where I' ll go. So I decided to do what we all would do. I looked back at some of the most festive and most iconic looks our fashion queen wore.
 One thing I learned years ago and reminded myself now is, as long as you love what you wear and add sparkle, fur or anything vintage, you will slaaaaay.

 Maybe adding something luxurious or a family hand down could do good. Just make sure you have fun ladies.

Sequin dress, €24 / Sans Souci long jacket, €67 / Giuseppe Zanotti black stiletto, €580 / Metallic purse, €25 / Crystal jewelry, €7,01 / Lip makeup, €8,35 

 or you can do your own research obviously. I actually chose my own NYE outfit whilst writing this post so I do hope this will inspire you.
Make sure to have fun and tag me in your instagrams if this inspired you. x

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*


Mas Mas Mas

It became a tradition for me to start video documenting upcoming week to Christmas. It is my way of remembering this festive season. After all everyone active on the webs of internet heard of vlogmas - video blogs or vlogs from first till 24th or 25th of December. I love the idea but as my life ain't that amazing, I only vlog few days. This year was no different.

First part of these is up. It is slightly longer then the once from last year but as we know, once I start talking there is no stopping hahah.
Have you ever done this? How did you prepare for the holidays?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Santa came

Spending time with family has always been important to me. I barely get to do that in an extend of 10 or so days. Being back in my hometown at my mums for Christmas is really relaxing.  Watching movies, eating, drinking, meeting friends and family and having fun. Isn`t that perfect festive season?

It was pretty hard for me to get ready for it all and to properly find everything I wanted to. At the end it was all really amazing and charming.

All laughter, blessing, happyness and love.

 How was it for you? Let me know.
Until next time keep safe and live your life ti the fullest
DeniVev :*


Festive Red

The trend of red eyeshadow under any other to be used on your eyes is around for a bit. I personally am obsessed with coppers, reds and oranges. It even helps my brown eye color. It really does bring it out. Only lately I started wearing coppers and the other day I treated myself to another eyeshadow palette that has such stunning shades.

 Here is what I created.

And there are so many more ways of using it I wanna try. And the combinations etc. Can you tell I wanna get up now and go play with makeup?! Haha

And where can you get some nice shadows to try?! Let me help you a bit here..
URBAN DECAY has great full spectrum palette and ELECTRIC
or the NYX bright palette looks pretty sick
maybe you are a fan of MAC so you saw tredn forecast spring /17 pallete.

Do you have any favorites I should try?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*



I recently found this online shop and damn... It made my wallet and heart cry. Honestly, it doesn' t happen too often that I would want everything a certain brand has to offer. This time was clearly different and that is why I am sharing it with you now.

Worst Behavior is a German fashion brand that is real current and so 'instagram'. If you know what I mean. The prices go higher then my usual fashion choices but it is so worth for such classic basic pieces with right amount of sass and sarcasm.

These are just few things I picked out and I definitelly have a thing for anything black, army or cropped. 
I mean like seriously, dear santaaaaa.... I am sure it isn' t just me, right?! What would you choose from this brand? Already own something?

Check them out and let me know in comments bellow.
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


warmer, warmer, burnin!

In case you are the OG reader aka original reader and you been loyal for a while, you know why I am making this post. In case you are a newbie- welcome, hi! I am Deni and I used to be a ginger head and I loved it-! I am still obsessed with these tones and the way it makes you feel warmer, wilder and all is just amazing. I still have days when I wanna grab that 7.44 or 8.46 or so and slap it on my head.
Lately I realised my instagram is filled with red heads or ginger ladies and a lot of peoplearound me decided to go for this hot hair color. So, here came a post idea. I want to share my top 5 instagram accounts that will make you book a hair appointment and go RED! Enjoy and than me later.


Make them remember you

Every year I tell myself the same thing. With every season I remind myself of same promises I made with myself. Be brave, take risks and put yourself out there. Make them remember you. And I fail every damn time. I always try to me more then I already am in everything, wether it´s relationships -dating, family or friends- work and college or fashion. I want to be remember for wearing that bright coat! I never do it though. I want him to think of me the minute he wakes up. I want the family to be proud. To be fair I am in a stage of life where I can cross out or make a big thick tick by family and dating. I have sure as hell progressed in my work and studies and still am going there and killing it. So what is left?! Fashion!

 I need to stop being boring. Now! Am not going to wait till end of year to make some resolutions we never actually make a reality. I am going to bring these photos and my inspirations IRL for me. 
 What bout you?! Do you have the balls to pull off anything you see in stores, on runways or them celebs wear?! Let me know or send me on insta.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Hair Trends for Fall 2016 by Loreal

As a hairstylist and still a hair student I get a lot of opportunities to educate the crap out of me. In my college we work with L´oreal and ever since I started using their products I was sold. I feel like it really is one of the best brands you can use. And their trends and education is always on point. 
That is why ,whenever I get a chance to be a part of their presentation or demonstration I make sure I am there and I definitelly stick around till the end.
This time I have seen a new take on balayage and technique called strobing. I will make sure to write about this in a bit or perhaps make a new post on it.

Right now I want to share the biggest trends for fall and winter that L´oreal nicely summed up for all of us. I mean you might have already seen them, especially if you are a hair and fashion freak like me and you were keeping up with all of the fashion weeks.


Pinks and Silver

As a hairstylist I know a lot about trends and styles that are in now and will be soon. But also I see a certain pattern in what my clients are asking me to do. I am actually very happy to say that they all got bit more adventures lately and are going for more fun styles then before.
Most of my clients are asking for crazy colors, mostly PINK, purples or any pastelised version of those.
If they can´t go for something as bright  we often opt for silvers, steel, greys. Which also make me bloody happy since I am a big fan of these cool tones.
So I wanted to put it together a bit and show you things I did (and actually took pictures of) and share our little inspiration. Cause who knows, maybe this will give you that push to try some of these yourself.


That is where the light has gone

In case you are one of my OG readers you know I have a soft spot for interior design. And there is something about a white interior mixed with other tones or different textures I love. I mean look at this flat I found somewhere on tumblr and you´ll underestand.


What a summer

Moments like this make me realise how much I do and have chance to experience in such young age. I mean, wow.
Last summer was bit boring, I barely knew anyone in Liverpool and I had no idea what I am doing with myself. I spent most of my time wasting evenings at dates that went no-where or spent days walking round liverpool figuring myself out. Not coming up with anything realistic may I add. Felt lost. Literally.

A year later I´m sitting in a sofa, happy to not be asleep and writing bout my eventfull, tiring, crazy, spontaneous summer. Yes it could get weirder and a lot of people experience more but for me this was IT.
Every summer for me starts by finishing school and my birthday. This was no different. I was finishing my course- with biggest nerves yet, seriously- and then celebrating. I celebrated it all, finishing college, summer, holiday, birthday, friends birthdays.... everything.
The biggest pleasure of all at my college -except for chance to work with LIPA- was getting creative and putting together my final look. I was inspired by a shoot I seen in Elle or Vogue. Basically a mixture of traditional Dia De Los Muertos look with touch of luxury and Dolce & Gabanna. Loved getting crazier and making something other then classy wash&blow haha.
My Final exams weren´t so fun though. Practical part was pretty okay. For anyone who is doing a hairdressing course- don´t stress, it is not the end of the world. It was theory I was afraid of. I was off school for a year so my brain wasn´t so sharp anymore. Also I have never studied in English. Yes I might be able to speak this - for me foreign- language but learning all those special words and terms was dificult at times. I made it though. I actually had over 90 percent. Yay me haha

Then I turned 20. No more teenagers in out family. Gosh I feel old haha. I actually celebrated multiple times since my friends were all over the place. 
At begining of summer I met loads of incredible friends. I actually kept meeting them all summer long and I sure loved it. And I sure love them all to pieces.
One of my favorite memories was a trip to Prague with my mum and sister. I did whole post about it actually. Absolutely in love. Whilst I was on me holiday I even spent a lot of time with my besties I grew up with. Got me so chilled and makes  me proper home sick now that I think of it.

As much as I enjoyed finally having a break from college I well needed to get experience in hairdressing and do more of these stuff I love too. So I actually kept working mobile. Got myself so many clients. And after few weeks of being back from Slovakia/Czech I found an amazing barber shop with ace boss that took me on. Now I have a chance to do it all.

I have been so busy with work. I absolutely loved it but was obviously pretty damn stressful and tiring.
 And that was kinda my latest change of life. I am full time barber and hairstylist and full time student. Ah.
To recap my summer I have partied, danced, drank, worked, chilled, sunbath, worked, worked more, partied more...

How was your summer?! Went to any cool places? Seen something you have to share? Any festivals?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest