Shake It Off ♥ Make-Up Tutorial

Hello beautiful faces!
 Today I have made this make-up tutorial showing you how to create Taylor Swifts Shake it off make-up look. It isn´t as hard as it looks so I bet everyone can have a go AND as you can see on my techniques you ain´t have to be professional make-up artist and you ain´t have to use super expensive products to get this look.
Hope you enjoy.....

I have used these products: 
- Dermacol Barrandove Make-up cover
- NIVEA BB Cream
- essence eyebrow pencil in blonde
- VEVAY eyeshadow palette- beige, light brown, medium brown, dark brown
- MIYO white eyeshadow
- AVON Mega effects mascara
- miss sporty cat´s eyeliner in black
- VEVAY blush palette
- oriflame lip liner pencil in light red
- alverde lipstick pencil in red
- miss sporty lipstick in high red
- AVON flawless compact powder

And I also have a few extra pics for you here...

Inspiration/ Video with original look :)

DeniVev :*

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