Nina Dobrev at 20th AEJ AIDS FAA

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20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards.
 Nina was wearing these amazing black cutout dress wich makes her body looks really sexy. Braided hair are still really cool and super trendy so one more good point for her. Plus that visage is amazing as always :) well what else should I say? Maybe ...hm...good choice of partner? :D ahahah another good point :)


Keep Calm and say A-a-a-armani 2012

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 So as you can see ... Armani :D I never thought that I would like any collection as much as I like this one...Even when it is not wearable for me (cause I am in the high school) I can imagine me wearing it :)
I like the most all those cluthes and Blazers. Plus I have to say ,that those hairstyles are huge inspiration for me. I finally know what hairstyles I will be wearing in the summer :) ahhahahahah

Keep Calm and Wear Scarf

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I know that it is officially sping (YAY) but scarves look good on us nomatter what seasson of the year it is :) SOOOooooo....what are your faves???? :)


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