Insta of The Week : Miss Lalonde

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I mean Estee Lalonde! Yes the blogger and vlogger. I love her loads for pretty long now. I remember writing about her and her boyfriend on here almost two years ago and saying how much I love their style, relationship and their traveling vlogs. Well what I like about her instagram is that it is a real extension of her and who she is.


Bored to the Bone

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I browse on pinterest, tumblr,... everywhere I can all the time. If you are visiting my blog for a while now you´d know that. Just as you´d know I like to share things that inspire me, whilst I´m bored, with you so that you get inspired. As simple as that. I know it is pretty difficult content to make ahah.
Well without any more rumbling let´s just check all the goodies I got here for you today.


That Romance

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Yea, yet another non fashion post. Yes, yet another photography post. I had the need to try out new things with my camera. Cause to be honest even though it is a real good camera with a lot of settings I only use basic camera setting and video shooting one. Boring, right?! SO the other day I decided to get out the house just as it got dark and I took these...


7 Days 7 Times Different Me

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I change! My outfits change! Every single day. I really can go a week with looking like a new me every morning. I have never been one of those who´d have a certain style that they shop, like and wear. I like a bit of everything and put on what I feel like. That is why I decided to make this LookBook video to share a few of my lately fav outfits that prove how much I can change through one week.
Yes the outfits are actually in an order from Monday to Friday and they all include a little story.


Miss Lark and Mr Sefton

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It has been a hard, chaotic, busy but fun and eventful week. That is why I needed a little time to zone out. So I went for a stroll to dream, relax and just not think bout reality.
After over a year of life in Lennon's hometown I know my places. I got my spots where I know I can get some new energy or sense of future.


Bigger the Better ?!

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It sure is better when it is bigger. Huge, Over-sized coats are so comfortable, cosy and trendy. So why shouldn´t we go all out?!
I am a lover of oversized anything. After all you have seen me "rock" all those big junky sweaters and coats already last winter. It is coming back tho! So get ready for my creations ahah.
For now let´s get some inspiration from these outfits I found over on my pinterest.
 Are you a fan or this big trend? How would you style it? Do let me know ;)
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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