OOTD : casual walk time

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After about three days of eating and sitting at home I needed to go for a nice walk. So I took my friend out and this is outfit I had on. It is nothing too special but its still nice, comfy and warm so I thought I´ll share this one ....
 I wore:
jeans from F&F
white tank top from Cameiau
white sweatshirt from H&M
shoes from Deichmann
bag from LocalBoutique
and necklace was a gift
I hope that you will enjoy New Years Eve tomorrow. I will-I hope :D So until basically new year I hope you are well and safe.
DeniVev :*


Festive Look of my Chummy

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Meet my Chummy Everyone ! This weekend I did this wonderful make-up to my friend and we did a little photoshooting ! I thought I´ll share this look with you because I love it  ;)
 First I used Powder AVON ColorTrend. Then I used blush from VEVAY palette. After that I always fill in eyebrows. I used my essence blonde eyebrow pencil. I decided to go for smokey eyes using VEVAY palette. I used brown, beige and silver color first. I applied white shadow to inner corner to make an effect of bigger eyes (not that my chummy needs it), black eyeliner from AVON super extend. I wanted to do something different and festive. SO I added a gold eyeliner from inner corner making kinda ombre effect between black and gold. I set gold eyeliner using gold shadow from palette. I absolutely love AVON MegaEffects mascara so I used it on chummy too. After that I applied powder again and I finished it off by using a red miss sporty lipstick in 059 high red.
Do you like this make-up look?! I do and let me know in the comments bellow what you think please :)

And we also did a little bit different make-up look. When I say a little bit I mean TOTALLY different :D We had kinda late Halloween so I hope you like this look as well.

DeniVev :*

Show time

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Today I have here a list of the best shows of 2013 . I have been loving and kinda obsessing over these shows. You should give them a try :)
 1. Vampire Diaries
 2. The Originals
 3. Once Upon a Time
 4. Teen Wolf
  5. White Collar
 6. Sex and the City
DeniVev :*


DeniVevsCookingBook: Tastier then tasty

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Are you having trouble with decideing what to eat for breakfast or for a little snack?! I do, but this thing is so easy to make, quick and pretty tasty. Look.....
All you need is:
- white yoghurt
- 1tbl spoon of oatmeal
- one banana
- nuts
- 1 tbl spoon honey
It is really easy to do for everyday breakfast. If you want you can switch bananas for some other fruit, maybe strawberries.  And then there are obviously a lot of other options but I like this combination the most. 
So Bon Apetit ! 
DeniVev :*


Christmas Eve

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Užila si si Štedrú večeru? Doniesol ti Ježiško všetko čo si si želala? Dúfam že ano. Ja som dostala všetko čo som si priala. Strávila som čas so svojou rodinou, zjedla veľa dobrého jedla a dostala niekoľko pekných darčekov. Strávim ešte niekoľko pekných dní s rodičmi, na čo sa teším a v piatok idem na návštevu ku kamoške a jej rodine a Silvester strávim so sesternicou. Konečne si užívam a je mi fakt dobre. 
Tu som si pripravila ukážku môjho včerajšieho outfitu aj make-up. 
 Did you enjoy your Christmas Eve? Did Santa/ Father Christmas bring you what you wished for? I hope he did. I got all I could possibly wish for this time. I spent time with my family, ate a lot of great food and also got few wonderful presents. I can t wait to spent more time with family, on friday I am visiting my bestie and her family and I will spent New Years Eve with my cousin. I am just simply having amazing time.
There is a outfit I wore yesterday and also a makeup I did to myself.

Tiež som chcela ukázať akú peknú dekoráciu sme s maminkou doma vytvorili. Chystali sme ju postupne a myslím že sa všetko podarilo. Včera večer sme už len pripravili slávnostný stôl a všetko bolo ako má byť. 
I also wanted to share with you our pretty christmas decoration. Me and my mom we were preparing everything for a week now and yesterday we just did a christmas table and everything was perfect.

A nakoniec by som chcela poďakovať Ježiškovi za darčeky :)
And at last I´d like to say thanks to Santa/father Christmas for all the presents.

 Strašne ma potešili knihy a tangle teezer po ktorom som túžila už nejakú dobu. Plánujem urobiť review na túto kefu tak snáď sa mi to podarí. 
I am super happy about books I got and about tangle teezer I was planning to get for so long. I am also thinking of writing a review about this hairbrush so hopefully it will happen sometime soon.

Tak a to je na dnes všetko. Dúfam že si tieto sviatky užívate a ja sa ozvem zase v piatok. 
So thats all for today. I hope you are having good time and I´ll write again on Friday.

DeniVev :*


24th surprise party

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Let me wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you´ll have a wonderful day and night.
I was thinking about outfits for this seasson of the year and I decided to give you a little present. So there are a few inspiration ootds for tonight :)
DeniVev :*



Holiday Seasson

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There is no need to point out that is that wonderfull time of the year called CHRISTMAS! And yes it is my fav seasson of all. I love it because of all those wonderfull decorations, unbelievable spirit and mood, music, friends and family get togethers , food and ok lets be real, who does not like getting presents?!
And I put together a few photos of things I love about this time of a year so I hope you´ll enjoy and if you are still not in that christmas spirit (as one of my besties- HI KARIN :P ) then I hope this will help you.

You probably already know that I love baking. I am kinda obsessed with trying new things. But there is something about baking christmas biscuits and gingerbreads that makes me super-duper happy :)

Lights in generous are incredible decor for your interior because it makes any room look much warmer and cosier.

I am a  presents wrapping PRO.

 Our oh so classy decorations that I just cant decide if I like them or not.

 And Michael Bubles Christmas album is absolutely fantastic!

DeniVev :*

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