i have been back

Last week I´ve gone back to my hometown. Wanted to see my mum and sister and of course my besties. I do have to be honest with myself here, I did not feel like I am going home. Not anymore. I do love my hometown. It is where I grew up and what I´d consider my home but still... different feeling. As my friends in Liverpool said I made my new little family here now and that makes it feel like home. Also I can see my future here. So as much as I love my hometown and my family it lost that safe haven feel. Where is my safe haven now?! Well, guess I still need to figure that out.


Denim, Leather, Fringe etc

We all know and love Coachella! Some of us lived a dream and been part of this long weekends craziness and others are still just dreaming! One thing that is for sure is this festival gives a theme and feel to all the others that year. There is no doubt that one of the first music festivals each season will never be topped music wise, by amount of celebrities and neither in the class of fashion.
Here is my pick of celebs I think did it best!
Also I´d like to mention that Chiara Ferragni was absolutely killing it in my opinion ;)


Let´s swap

You know when you find someone, online or in real life, and you feel like oh my god! Your style!!! Let´s swap our closets, lives or whatever. In love with what you doing here.
Well I found Audrey Lombard on instagram and she is amazing! She wears exactly what I wish I had in my closet. Like every single day. I mean just look....
 Right?! Absolutely amazing. Stylish, classy and still so original. She works it ahha.
All pictures are from her insta so make sure you check it out. But careful... it is addictive. I have warned you! ;)

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Warm Warm Warm

Guess what?! Its warmer! Every other day. Or every third day. Well okay there few days in a week now when you get to go out without a winter coat and enjoy the sun. Yay, don´t you just love British weather ?! ahah
What does that mean for my fashion? More color, prints, flower prints maybe?! Yea right! Still wearing the same stuff? Why? Cause it is my style ! Sorry, I just had to put it down this way. I did get a lot of people lately telling me what to wear and what colors to put on and other stuff. But why would I? Why would I listen to them. I am me, got my style, I know myself and I´ll do me. Soooo

I mean who knows, maybe next week I´ll share an outfit with no black item. Wow imagine guys ahah. This topic is becoming a joke for me now. Oh well.
What did I actually wear then?! This black bodycon dress is my obsession seriously. It is a Primark number and was only 5 quid. I first bought it only for college as part of my uniform but it is so comfy I wear it all the time now. Best tights are the once from Primark and everyone knows it so. Vans sneakers are my essential now, Leather jacket from TK Maxx is my second skin I swear, Scarf was a gift two years ago from my best friend and it is from H&M, Bag was also a gift ahah for this last Christmas and is from Mango, Primark rainbow sunnies get loads of attention everywhere I go. Also had extra layer -just in case - a H&M sweater.
Simple, practical, comfy yet sort of stylish. My kind of stylish. Love it.
Are you also excited bout the warmer days?! Are you traveling anywhere in next few weeks by the way?! Cause I am going to Slovakia so you´ll get few "with ma homies" posts. Yay!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*



That thing #goals has been around for a while and as much as I am trying to stay away from it, I do get moments when I see something and I think to myself " oh that is so goals af!" ! Why? Cause it is amaaaazing ahaha. And here is a little collection of things that made me think that way and inspired me in some way. 


Fresh look

My everyday make- up routine doesn't change anyway too much. It always has the same basic steps. It is just the products I use that change. And if you know anything about me you know I am a sucker for finding THE best products in the cheapest drugstore lines possible. I mean isn´t it bloody satisfying to find something you love and will use for months and pay total minimum for it?! Ahaha it is to me so. Yeah.


Friyay or what

As it is Friday evening and I am sat in a club in my party dress and full on glam look - well more like sat in my room, by laptop, with top knot on my head, running eyeliner and sexy pjs on- I thought it is only fair to go back something I used to do probably three years ago. Little music favs post. You know, trying to get you all pumped up for the weekend. It doesn´t matter if you are going out with your mates or spending night in on your own, with your bae, puppy etc. These songs will make your life better.