I´ve got High Hope !

Hello beautiful faces!
Maybe you already now or you just found out somehow that I am NOT a high heels girl. I LOVE the way they look and how confident they can make you feel, but I never felt anyway good and comfortable in them. Bu t lately I have been thinking of giving them another chance and actually start wearing them and buying them. Maybe if I start getting to them step by step it would work and I´ll end up wearing them every day. Or not. Who knows, right?

And I thought that I´ll make a little post about this whole thought that is in my head and maybe I´ll help to some of you girls.

First thing in becoming a high heel friend is probably- as in everything- realizing your goal. Seeing the path you have to go through to get where you want to be. For example some of you might wanna try to wear wedges and that is it. Then some of you might just wanna get to get used to all types of heels. Which is my category. That is where a little help comes in handy. I found this video on youtube of Wendy from WendysLookBook teaching how to DO heels.
As Wendy showed us it is great to do little steps at the time with choosing your high heeled shoes. From really tiny ones all the way to super high stilettos.  And you HAVE to walk from heel to toe. I personally AM able to walk in high heels I just don´t feel myself in them so I guess I´d just have to practice from now on and purchase some shoes I ´d be dreaming of so I actually would wear them.

So I would recommend finding a style of shoe you want to purchase obviously. I have been thinking about buying a classic black pumps that would last me loooong time and I can wear with jeans and leather jacket but also for a fancy event. Just one classic pair of shoes. That is why I did my little research on the internet to find some outfits that random people put together featuring pumps.
And after this little research I actually ended up dreaming about a few of these beauties. It is unbelievable how a thing can get stuck in your head. Now I am putting outfits together going," Oh If I had those heels I saw online". Gosh :D
And now it is time to go for a hunt into stores and buy your future love. Then just practice and practice. I definitely will do so. Make sure you keep checking in to see me  featuring high heels in one of my upcoming OOTD posts. :)

Until next time please don´t break your ankles, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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