I wish I wore: Fave pieces of June

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Hello lovely faces! So lately I found way too many pieces my heart is craving. And instead of spending that much money I decided to "pretend" I own them and style them into outfits. This way I can show you what I like at the moment AND how I would style those stuff. Good idea, right?


White but Cosy

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I always thought that white walls are really cold you there is no way of feeling warm, homie and cosy in a home like that. Now I know that that is not true. I personally have almost white walls in the whole house and I feel the warmth and cosy-ness of home. So now I even look completely different at home interiors like this...


OOTD: Back to basics

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Sometimes the only thing you need to do is back to your basics. Back tot he main point. And it is the same in the way we dress. Sometimes we so over complicate things. I am expert in over complicating things. Trust me. I often try to put an outfit together and suddenly I realize I look like a clown cause I am trying to create more things at the same time. That is a moment when you need to go back. Put some basic pieces together and you´d see you feel better then ever.


Oyé Africa 2015 part.1

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Liverpool is never asleep. Really. And in last couple of weeks it was really cool. They made a plan and program for every weekend so people can have loads of fun. And I sure did. This weekend there is an African festival and I loved every bit of it. Got to be there for a bit first day and will enjoy it even more tomorrow.


I get inspired, You get inspired, We are inspired!

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If you are reader of my blog for a while now, you know how this kind of posts work. If not...
I am obsessed with pinterest and tumblr and any other media where I can get inspired for my interior, fashion, make-up or hair style. Or even Lifestyle. I often save the pics to have a bit of image of things I want to try out or achieve. And in case I collect more of them I share them here with my readers- you guys- so you can maybe get inspired too. As simple as that.


Did It Again! aka Mirror Mirror

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We all do this! And don´t even try to pretend you are an exception! All women have moments when they go to a store and think "well I can at least try it, right?!". I had one of them the other day but I was actually looking for something specific.


Think About Pink

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You have seen this jumpsuit sooo many times already and I have a feeling that this is not the last time it is here on a blog. Sorry ahah.
It is just one of those pieces that are too comfortable and too easy to style for me not to wear them.

Sun and I

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I have done a sunglasses collection before but it had changed so I thought I´ll update you. Especially since I am getting a lot of question from you on this topic. So I hope you´ll enjoy. Oh and I used a music by my talented friend Francis E Jackson. You can find his songs on youtube!


Wendy my Inspiration

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I am sure everyone knows Wendys Lookbook. I don´t think there is any need to explain how amazing and beautiful she is. Her style is definitely unique, feminine and usually colorful. I mean.... just look and you´ll remember why I think she is an inspiration for that many women.


Birthday Gurl

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Hey there lovelies! Guess what? This blondie, that is used to be called DeniVev, is turning 19 today. What?! Yea I know I look so young ahah. Kidding.
Anyways, yeah it is my birthday and I am in one of those moods where I have no idea what to do first, where to go or what to think about. Lol. Such a chaos in one little head. So I thought I´ll give you a little OOTD most today.


Deni Goes Green

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The other day I had an incredible idea. I went to the park with my laptop , sat down and started blogging. Yes, the last few posts I wrote were those I did in the park. Cool right?! ahah, No I am just kidding. But I really did go to park and was blogging from there.
Sometimes I get that feeling like I JUST HAVE TO go out and enjoy the sun. But then I have things I want to do or write about. Most of the people would stay at home and do their thing. I didn´t!


Looks like Summer came to ´Pool

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In last couple of days it seemed like there will be no summer in Liverpool. It was cold, rainy and windy. And then suddenly... Boom! Summer. People were right about British weather. It really does change from moment to moment. And what does a good fashion lover slash shopa-holic do when weather rapidly changes?! Go shopping. Oh lord... ahah.


Going back in My Mind

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Sometimes I have days - I bet everyone does- when I need to stop, take a step back and kinda reset my mind. You know that my last half a year was absolute challenge for me. Loads of changes and new experiences. I had to learn so much about life, adulthood and myself. It all might sound lame but to me all of this meant a big learning lesson.


Stay Matte, Stay Real

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If there is something I always try to achieve with my everyday make-up is to look as real and natural as possible. I do like to cover my blemishes, redness and dark spots obviously, but in case my foundation leaves my skin looking naturally flawless... Oh, heaven on earth ahah.
And that is exactly what this Stay Matte foundation from RIMMEL does.

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