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Hello beautiful faces !
Today I had a huge music marathon. I mean.. I LOVE music and I think that you all already know that, but I ain´t have time or mood for trying out and listening to new stuff that are on this huge thing called internet. I did today though. I had my youtube on all day long. I had been trying different people´s favs and playlists. That I have been listening to artist I used to love but somehow forgot about them etc.
It was just a crazy music day for me. And I found a lot of songs that I have to share with all you who are at least as huge music lovers as I am. So there you go loves....

At first I have to mention my most favorite band at the moment. I have already mentioned them in my August favorites but I can´t get enough of them. Ladies and Gentlemen KODALINE.

Then I went back into my like 15 year old me and I felt back in love with PARAMORE! Their newest songs has amazing beat and the lyrics are soo goood :) 

There is something about country style music that I just like. I don´t know what it is maybe just like the vibe or something. There are also loads of different musicians that are taking this style to totally different dimensions which is GREAT. And these are a few of them....

And then there are a lot of songs that I used to listen and now I kinda got back to them ...

And as last there are loads of songs that are real mainstream right now but I have been listening to them with my friends sooo much they just got stuck in my head.

My life in a song...basicely :)

And that is it for now cause I could write a whole blog about music. These are the top right now. Hope I gave you some inspo. And YES my music style is a MESS :)
DeniVev :*

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