Leaving and Arriving #DeniDoesUK

Hello my beautiful crunchy faces!
This is my first official DeniDoesUK post and today I´ll just share my experience of packing, leaving and arriving to UK. So lets get started....

First things I want to mention is packing. How on earth was I supposed to pack my life basically into a suitcase?! There was no chance of me packing everything I want and need! So I decided to pack only clothes that are necessary, shoes I know 100 percent I would wear and other stuff as cosmetics or so were left home. I decided to buy them here plus I didn´t want any shampoo getting opened and split all over my clothes. Later on this week I´ll upload a vlog where you´ll see how much trouble I actually had with closing my suitcase. Plus airport meant another trouble for me. Ones you fly your bag can´t be too heavy right? Mine was supposed to be max 20kg which it obviously wasn´t! But there was super lovely woman/worker who said that she´ll let me go but next time I have to be more careful with this issue! Thanks woman!!!
To traveling part. I started by getting on the train and I headed to Bratislava. I have met with my friend since she is there on university and she had a lot of free time. Together we went to airport since I had too many bags to wonder around town. And then there was the stressful part - all the controls! Passport control, bags.... I hate this part of traveling. I LOVE flying but this always makes me super stressed.

I didn´t fly many times in my life but this flight was definitely THE WORST! First we were late for the boarding. They didn´t let us in. Then there was a baby crying for the whole flight which made my British neighbor super annoyed and he made me annoyed. Then we had weird turbulence. Like real bad as we were getting lower and through clouds. For the first time I was really scared on plane.   And then I felt like the plane is NOT going to land and stop before we come to the end of runway. Unbelievable.
But I did landed! It was a warm but cloudy day here in England. My dad and uncle came to pick me up just as I got out of airport which was nice. No one had to wait for no one. That day made me really tired and hungry! That is why the fact that I have a nice new bed ready and a chicken soup freshly cooked waiting for me at my new home made me the happiest girl alive.
And after I sorted everything out at my new room I went for a walk with my dad. I was super tired but I couldn´t wait to see th city.
 To summarize my feeling about Liverpool so far... I am in LOVE with the vibe of the city. It is a big one so obviously there are many disgusting parts of the city but also a lot of lovely and super cool ones. I am a bit stressed about going by bus on my own since I am not always sure where I am supposed to get off and Liverpool accent is ... SO hard for me to understand! I knew it will be but sometimes I am seriously thinking that those people are just NOT talking English anymore! But I guess I just have to get used to it right?!

And that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed my little diary kind of post. If you did well you are welcome and if you didn´t I am sorry but I am not sorry.
Thank you for stopping by...
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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