Insta Insprirations for days

I am well more then a daily instagram user. In another words, my face is glued to this app. Like a lot. Too much actually. And my following accounts are usually anywhere between 250 to 450 so there is loads to get inspired from. Yet I still manage to find only those few I feel for a little more every now and again.
These are my picks this week.
Alanna is beautiful mixed lady, model, mum, wife and little hair genius too. If you arent too into her outfits (which sounds like non sense to me) you will sure enjoy her little hair tutorial vids.

Caitlin is truly amazing hairstylist. Her colors are to die for. Like seriously the skill! If you are from our porfession or just love to see those stunning creations make sure too check her out. 

Luiz. What a talent. I get real jelous seeing the gold he comes up with. Either creates double exposure or makes me feel super warm and cosy with every shot he makes.  

 Oh Karolina! Killin me! Georgeous lady, nice style and trust me, if you are unsure on next makeup looks- check her out!

What are your fave accounts these days?!
Let me know.

Until next time , keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Beauty from koko

My NEW favorite baby! I don' t think I need to mention that bags are life! I love them more and more everyday and older I get. I keep realizing how well they can effect your whole look and even star conversations. That is why I have so many of them to the point where it is becoming a problem.
Recently I tried starting off a collection to keep for as long as the straps don' t fall off. Pieces classy and timeless and then a few out there to give me Carrie Bradshaw uniqueness every now and again.

This is one of the pieces I really wanted. Like I wouldn' t even care about the price. Maybe not totally not care but you know. Haha. This gorgeous piece is from KOKO in St.Johns Liverpool. Only 20 pounds too! How amazing is that?! The color is so unusual yet super easy to combine with my wardrobe. Goes with the whole color scheme and basically any occasion.

I mean just look at it! This bag is beauty. I will make sure to share outfits featuring her soon so keep an eye out.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*


Miss Confidence

I love myself. People put me down a lot and can make me insecure. Some more, some less. But overall I love all of me and there sure is a lot to love. As a proud curvy gyal I wrote multiple posts about confidence, self love and curves appreciation. I am big promoter of all of the above. And I did get pretty confident myself the other day.
I just casually walked out into the streets of Liverpool almost butt naked. Yeap. I did that.
This outfit gave me a very interesting feeling. Made me feel strong i guess. Made me proud of all that I have. I wanted to give myself this little gift. Present of self appreciation. It sure worked and I looked great! I mean if I do say so myself.
 This all came as an opportunity the take my glittery shoes for a walk. The rest of an outfit kind of just made itself. I am fully dressed yet not. I like.
 Forever 21 bodysuit
New Look dress
Primark shoes and earrings
simple and affordable

 Would you step out in outfit like this?! In a daylight of course. It wouldn' t be anything unusual at night  now would it?

Thank you for reading
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

August got me good

I have been trying to keep myself sane during busy work days any way I could. My weapon of choice?! Pinterest. And before I knew it, this page started ruling my world.
I look at my closet and go on pinterest for inspo right away. What makeup should I try today? I know! Let me see what I pinned on my boards. I am moving soon. What could I do with the flat once I live there. I know... pinterest.
So if you wanna understand me this month and know what I am about... here you go. x


DOn' t waste my time!

Disclaimer! As usual I go from one topic to the other! But that makes me .. ME! And only that way you will truly understand me. Enjoy x

At the age of 21 I have had enough experience with relationships. In general. Friendships, work, men, family, and a lot of people know me cause of my hobbies and profession. It all is a mess!Keeping it all sane, balanced and everyone happy?! That is impossible. That is why I have been let down, disappointed, used or just purely 'efd' over.
That is only natural though guys. I have never met anyone who had life simple. Who would have never gone through any of these problems. You meet people and they often waste your time. Their dramas, attitudes or lies.
And believe it or not, I don' t mean to cry about it in this post. I am actually happy I bump into these humans. They all have a purpose. There is a reason to everything that happens to you and you learn from it. Maybe it doesn' t seem like it at first, but with some time passing, you will realize how that person have changed you. How no argument is ever totally pointless.
With that being said, I would still like to get number of people that seem to love wasting my time to gown down and simply stop! It ain' t fun no more. Cheers ;) lol.

What do you think about these photos though?! 
I know, slight change of topics haha. But honestly, the whole relationships thing.. We can all relate. I just hope some people will realize I have targeted them. And maybe I havent even talked about you , the one reading this, yet you still feel guilty. Better go and do something bout it ha?!

Right... back to my peng pics.

My lovely Maya, you can read bout her here, took these of me the other day. And I really love them. Shows casual and very natural side of me. I didnt glam up big time yet I felt amazing. I am actually a good looking human, Who knew?!
 I did! That is what I keep telling myself every day. I have been through a lot. People around me put me into a lot of situations in which I thought very little about myself. Feeling of embarrassment, sadness, thinking I am ugly, fat, useless and an overall mess. Not all at once necessarily. I do still get almost daily reminders of these thoughts and they do slightly run through my head. That is why I created this as if mantra I repeat to myself. ' I am beautiful, I am confident, I am strong, smart, talented, sexy. I am a diamond! They might shape me, try to cut me and change me. But they will never ever break me!' 
Little something that keeps me going. Helps keeping the tears in as you meet daily or not so usual obstacles.
This unbreakable diamond mantra is something I talked about with my friends during a photo shoot. They agree with me! We should all think of ourselves, life and people around us in this way. You will be tossed around. People will try to change you, make you something you are not etc. But remember they will never break you. As long as you remind yourself what a beautiful unique and shiny thing you are. 

To keep myself separated from all that wrong energy and trying to keep all those bad thoughts, I have about myself, as far away as I can, I had to cut down some people. Make sure they do not waste my time no more. Make sure I think about myself. Put myself and my relationship with ME first. After all Ru Paul says it as it is. If you don' t learn how to love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? True. I am working on this relationship every day. There is definitely a progress being made.
So please ask yourself a question. Are you, your own priority? Do you make sure your are happy and comfortable ? No?! Change it. Yes?! Good job you!

 outfit: NEW LOOK shoes, ZARA coat (actual sign 'dont waste my time' at the back), H&M top, PRIMARK leggings (distressed with time and hard work lol), sunnies from old friend EBAY for less then a pound!

 Are you going to let people play around with you?! Or are you gonna make them stop wasting your time?! And theirs. Remind them of who you are. Show them what a strong rock you are. How much you shine without them in your life. That they do not effect you no more. Thats when you will be truly you, be happy and shine.
Love yourself and be your own priority.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.


For my hood diamonds....



Welcome to the colorful world of Maya. I have mentioned this lady before. I showed you photos of her, that I took, before. This time I am bringing you few new shots.
Very colorful, street or urban if you prefer and very happy.
That is what I want to quickly mention.
I met this lady about a year ago. sweet mummy came to a barbershop I worked at, to get her undercut shaved and shaped up. Nothing extra unusual bout that. Half a year later we realized, that somebody up there (god, goddess, matrix etc) wants us to be mates. We had mutual friends, hobbies and liked similar stuff. Also hated pretty much the same things too , which usually brings people closer then the first few points I made would. She has always been pretty positive person but it felt like something was missing.
Recently she became to understand herself fully and opened up to everyone about who she really is. Started being 100 % herself and guys, I have never seen a happier lady. She seems more confident, positive, comes out of her shell more. Well at least easier. I don' t have to beg her to give up netflix and come out with me now.
This little (and I mean little :P) human showed me how happy one can be when they are true to who they are and share it with the close once. I always knew this was a way but seeing her closely like this, it touched me more then anybody else' s journey.
Now before I make this cheesier then I already did, Let ' s see those crazy nice pics I took of her. Oh and don't forget to take in the positivism of them.

Lesson here?! Make sure you stay honest, true to who you are and dont be scared of sharing with others. Only more love and happiness comes your way if you do so.

Check more of Maya here. 

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*