Throwback to Summer 2014

8:25 AM

My year 2014 has been incredible! Real eventful and full of crazy changes. You could have read all about it over HERE. But the part I guess I enjoyed the most and I actually miss at the moment- is the summer!
That is why I thought I´ll do a little browse through my old pics and share with you a few of my favs. You have probably seen most of them- but I know I have some new readers who have no idea what I have been up to last month neither last year. So lets see what actually happened.

Summer 2014 has been a year of the sun for me! I have loved every single moment when I could just lay in the sun and do nothing. And if it happened to be somewhere near water-either river, lake or pool- I felt like bursting by happiness. Now for real... I was really THAT happy!
Deni has become an adult! YAY! yeah, I have celebrated my 18th birthday. And not just any way. My mom and my sister decided to make me a cake and give me one of the best presents ever- my lover- nikon 1 j2. And my dad thought he´ll treat me to a laptop since my old one decided to break down. I do not mean to brag but it defo was a year of technology for me. Especially after my godmother decided to give me a tablet. Now if that doesn´t mean you are an adult and a bit of a geek- I do not know what does.
Whilst I am talking about birthdays... There were two other for me important people celebrating. (There were more- Mouny I did not forget bout you) My sister celebrated 22 birthday and she sure felt like 22ooo. (got it?!- yeah I couldn´t help myself ahah) I thought I´ll treat her to somethin special and so I baked her a super chocolate-y cake and added a little iron-man on top. I mean I couldn´t be any better or a sister.
Oh talking bout cakes. My bestie turned into adult (she always copied me;) :P ) so I made her a cake as well. A bit different since she doesn´t have any special interests but it was sooooo tasty. Even her fantastic mom wanted my recipe.
Back to MY celebrations. I went for a lovely trip to Budapest with two of my closest and best-est friends. Amazing trip. We are all total tourist and history freaks so obviously it was a sightseeing trip. Yeah we did go out at night and drank a bit- but since we are (or were) such good girls- nothing special has happened. It was just such a nice relaxing weekend. I want to go back! I need to go back!
Talking bout trips. Last summer I have been for a little holiday with my family. We decided to go for more action filled holiday to Slovakian mountains and to check some historical monuments and all that kind of stuff. LOVED IT!
Other then traveling and was trying to be a good adult by actually working through summer. There aren´t many options in my hometown so when I got a chance to work in a temporary tattoo stand. That almost felt like a blessing since this way I could practice my creativity again. I was outside all day so I didn´t hear my mom moaning bout me sitting by the laptop all day, ahah. And I met a lot of interesting people. The effect that I earned money from it was a nice bonus.
As I mentioned the sun and water. There was a lot that happened and I loved it. My family is a part of a swimming club which meant a lot of late nights on swimming pools. Some concerts in town or even shopping trips with gurlz.
 My friends and I - we were happy we can spend at least a little bit of time together. Everything felt more special since we knew I will be moving away soon.
And a lot more. I could go on and on probably forever. As I  said a lot has happened and I am really happy for every second of it. I am even happy I decided to die my hair pink. Felt like a huge mistake after a while but now I am making just fun of myself. Why not right?!
Anyways, I don´t want to bore you to death with my rumbles so I´ll call it the end here and...
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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