Strolls and Lols

I mean, you know how much I love a good old stroll and when you combine it with the happiness I felt in last few days... Oh, my! I was more then loving my life!
So the other day I went for a walk through Liverpool and went to one of my favorite places in the city. The spot with a best view in the Liver and Pool ahah.

In case you ever come to Liverpool or just are passing by this place is a MUST visit! It is Rupert Lane Recreation Garden. You don´t even realize there is a hill like this until you come over there. You basically over-see the whole city, especially the north part and if you are lucky and it is clear and sunny- you see Mersey and basically whole Wirral. Just like I did.
The garden area is pretty large so in case you feel like only walking around there is enough room to do so. Feel like going for a cheeky picnic?! No problem. Feel like walking around, playing or running - basically tiring kids- feel free to.
 When it comes to that happiness I mentioned- a lot has happened lately and I am surprisingly feeling great. Loving my life and people in it is probably a reason for that. As I mention loads of time in past I had really cool job that I really loved. It ended up being kinda stressful so the fact I am having a little break from it is putting my head back to its place.
 Plus having such great people around me is helping too. And few of them are making me really happy so in case any of them is reading and realizes I mean them- thanks ;)
 And when it comes to fashion. I have been sooo in love with this Dorothy Perkins playsuit I just can´t stop wearing it. And my new shoes from Primark are to die for. And the number of compliments I got when I wore these sunnies makes me love them more and more every single time. I paired it all with my Second hand denim jacket, added tights for coverage of my super pale legs and through my essentials into color blocking bag from primark. Simple but funky. At least that is what I think about it.
 Oh and don´t even let me start talking bout that beautiful sunny weather we had here for a couple of days now. It feels so great to feel warm for change. ahah

What is making you happy lately? Do you have any places/spots/areas round your town where you keep going back just because?!
Let me know in the comments below love.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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