All about Me and My Curves

2:08 AM

I have always been the chubby one. The one that blamed her body for everything. For not having confidence, for not communicating with boys, for not being able to wear whatever I want, for wanting to hide in the corner ones I was on swimming pool and even for being bullied.
As I was getting older I met a lot of people who were trying to help me with this feeling. And after a while, I mean after 18 years, I actually started liking myself and my own body. Finally.

Some time ago I wrote a post about FashionBanana and I mentioned how she helped me with loving my curves. And I really mean it. These days we have media filled with fuller shaped women and we see people love them and try to copy them. The fact that whole world is changing their mind about what a pretty woman looks like might have helped but the main reason I feel different when I look into the mirror or see myself in a picture r window display is that I am surrounding myself with the right people.
I have a lot of friends who react to me saying "I am chubby" with that look where they feel offended by what I think about myself. And it did take me a while to see myself the way they see me. It does take a while ladies and gents. Changing the way you see yourself and realizing your body is pretty doesn´t happen over the night.
One of the things that probably helped was that I gained confidence in general. I am a bit of a different person then I was few months ago. Oh and also I did actually lost some weight and inches sooo that makes me a bit happier. I feel like I am a bit healthier now. Yeah I didn´t lost too much weight but it is all in your head and mentality after all.
 And now I don´t know what is left there to write. I am just happy with myself and I hope you all will start loving yourself now more then ever!
Guys, don´t try to change your image or body! It is all about mentality and your own mind set!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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