Shadows, Lights and Great Objects

A few days ago I did a post about photos I saw in Vogue and I really liked. That made me think. In last couple of months I found a few AMAZING photographers that you HAVE to know about. 

So I hope you will enjoy and if not I am sorry and come back next time for other posts. 

Annie Leibovitz
You have seen her photos in my latest post. On her photos I enjoy the objects, the people. You can see a lot of work on them and usually also a REAL emotions as happiness or anger. 
Angelina Jolie by Annie Leibovitz
THE ROMANTICS: Pedro Almodóvar with Penélope Cruz
Four films together: Live Flesh (1997), All About My Mother (1999), Volver (2006) and Broken Embraces (2009).

John Alexander
If you like wedding photographies at least as much as I do, you would LOVE this photographer. He is working wonderfuly with lights, shadows and emotions.

Benj Haisch
Another mostly wedding photographer but also worth checking out. I actually like this one even more because of a originality you see in his photos.

Benoit Courti
As I said I love to play with lights and shadows. This photographer is my magician. Look and you will understand. 

 James Khoo
I think there are a lot of you who saw his photo of kids playing in water. Really famous photo and there are much more to see.

 Čepec Laci Photography
This young photographer was already mentioned on my blog, because he was taking pics at our prom. I really like his wok so go and check him out. 

That is all. I hope you enjoy and find your way to photography. 
DeniVev :*

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