January 2014 Music Playlist

I have been doing this monthly fav music a while back, but at some point I forgot about them. But I am doing one now so whatever right?! :)
If you don´t know what I am talking about or what is this playlist supposed to be... it is basically a summary of my fav songs that I have been listening to for a while now. 

Wekeed-Wild Child
I like this one because of the beat and it makes me feel a bit more summery i this shitty weather.

Ellie Goulding -Goodness Gracious
Ellie is just amaaaazing. There is not a single song by this blondie that I would not like. Plus I like that little retro feel that this song has

Pixie Lott - Nasty
Pixie has incredibly wonderful voice that I am sooo jealous of. And this is another retro styled song and it sound super cool. I don´t know what is it about me adoring retro stuff but...

The neighborhood - Sweater Weather
I love this song so much for a while now and I actually think it became my fav of all time. There is something so magical about it..

Beyonce - XO
I don´t think I have to say a lot about this one. I mean it is QUEEN B!

Katy Perry - Unconditionally 
Like come on.... that voice and those words.... it is one big masterpiece 

One Direction - Little Black Dress
I am a proud directioner from very beginning of  1D and I always liked to share my favs from this loves. Their whole midnight memories album is awesome but this song is so rock n roll and classic rock styled that I just can´t stop listening to it. 

Stromae - Papatoutai
That beat in this song is..... i don´t know...i have no words but it always make me wanna dance and jump around.

Ed Sheeran - I see Fire
My heart is melting every time I hear Ed singing. There is no need to say more.

James Arthur - Recovery
Another man that makes my heart skip a beat my singing. 

Little Mix - Little Me
These young ladies are  AMAZING. There is no better girlband in the world and it will be really hard for anyone to try and beat them. They always make a good songs but this one is really heart touching. The lyrics are amazing and every time they make me think about what I´d say my little me if I could.

I hope you enjoyed and maybe I gave you a few tips. 
DeniVev :*

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