OOTD: Red riding hood

Sometime there are days when I want to roll into a little ball and never come back in to reality. That is exactly how I felt for last few days. Today my friend took me out for a walk and we talked about basically everything, what made me feel much better. (Thanks Billi ;) ) And that is probably what always helps. If you are feeling down or depressed just try to spend some time with someone you like and you can talk to. In case you want some more tips on what to do in situations like this click HERE.

And I wore this wonderful coat i had in my closet for a while now, but I did not wear it yet. It was actually my first day and I am already in love with it so I thought I´ll share with you. 
I am wearing:
F&F Jeans
NewLook Coat 
Deichmann Boots
and a lot of layers under....

And I have been wearing my lips a bit darker lately and I just LOVE it! And I found a way to style my hair that is sooo cool ahhahah :D
DeniVev :*

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