Lets get Poshed

It is that season of the year again.
 A few days ago a ball season has started and that means that for next few months we will be all taking part at balls, homecomings, masquerade ball and other evening events. Thats why I decided to make this post.
I will show you a few options of your evening outfit. And also a few other inspiration.
Hope you´ll enjoy.

School Events
We all had those years when we spent weeks planning our outfit, hair and make-up. I personally did and I enjoyed it lot. Me and my classmates were talking about it for whole school year and when the day came we wanted everything to be peeerfect.
Lets talk about dresses. In my opinion the dresses should be at least about that knee length and nothing club-like. After all you are at the school event. 
There are some rules that everyone should hold to. Women should definitely wear long dress. Length should  be at least to ankles.  And of course all your private parts has to be covered. Plus black color is somehow not very fashionable for balls, but that is not THAT important. 

Other Evening Events
There are always some rules and dress codes that you should stick to. So before you go to any event try to do little research on what is the best to wear.

And a little bit about me.... this is me from more different events from last couple of years.
2014 coming next week

DeniVev :*

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