Take Care of Yourself

I am -as you could already read in my previous posts- pretty busy person and that means that I usually take quick showers at like 11 or 12 o ´clock. That means that I just do the necessary stuff and leave the rest for days when I have more time.
And when days like that come and I can take care of myself and relax in hot bath while that.... It feels like heaven. Thats why I want to share this little routine of mine with you. If you ever thought of having like "treat yourself " party then this is my favorite way.
If you have never try this before please do. Of course only in case you like baths and all the beauty products.

Firstly I always make sure I really won´t be disturbed , cause you know - you don´t want to end up with one leg shaved and other hairy. Do you?! Then I like to have all the products prepared to be used. That means I make a little lay out of the once I want to use or try in case I have some new things.
Then you should turn on the water and prepare your bath. In case you are not fan of baths you can always go for a shower. It is just that bath is a little bit more relaxing option.
I also like to add some bubble bath foam, but in case like this I go for simple option without bubbles.
Then I get into bath and start with washing my hair. I love all hair products by Schwarzkopf- they are working perfectly and don´t cost fortune- especially shampoos and conditioners.
I like to treat my hair by using some kind of hair mask. This time I used a new product from AVON that I showed you in my latest beauty post.
And you should leave the mask on for a little - this one said about 10 minutes- and that gives me time to wash my body and shave my legs. I always use another shower gel but my HUGE love is Yves Rocher one with coffee smell (it is my moms so shh dont tell her I use it ;) ) .
After that I wash off the hair mask-obviously- and I am done. Then I either stay and chill in the bath for a little or I go out. 
Then it is time for face care. I love this face cleanser I got recently. It makes my face sooo prettyy (add creepy voice). And then next mask with honey in and I finish my face using a face cleaning water from BALEA. If you ever try to use this one you will definitely like it but be aware of contact with eyes. It can hurt like hell! 
Then I use whole selection of body products. I love the smell of my new AVON Sensuelle body lotion. I use it for my upper part of body so when I apply my perfume it has the same scent. And for my legs I like to use H&M Body Butter with Cashmere. I love what that body butter does to my legs. They are super soft and shiny. And not only a few hours or a day after using it, but a few days or a week. And I also use a AVON FOOT WORK cream that is magical. I talked about this product in my latest beauty post too. 

Then it is time for hair. I always had trouble with knots in my hair. But since I have tangle teezer I don´t know what knotty hair are. After brushing my hair I apply a straightening balm because I like my hair straight with this hair length and I don´t like to use straightener after blow drying my hair. Then when they are almost dry I use a dry ends serum from AVON. And finish with drying. 
And thats probably it. After this you would feel nice, clean and fresh. Really, give it a try and let me know how it went :)

I hope you enjoyed and until next time....stay safe.
DeniVev :*

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