Night of the Balls

A week ago I wrote about evening events and I said there is post about my school ball 2014 coming this week. So there you go. There is not much to say. I had a great night with my friends and my outfit wasn´t that special. I still wanted to share with you though....
 As you can see my look was inspired by 20s in Paris- i guess....that is how I explain it :D
 I wore the same black gown from H&M as I did on my prom. I like them so why shouldn´t I wear them more times?! I would actually wear them on saturday again :) I added DIY headband and simple black necklace. I paired it with red pumps.
 Then I helped to two of my friends to get ready, I did their hair and I guess it wasn´t that bad right?! :)

And there is a little update I would like to make.....it was finally snowing today I was so happy I decided to share a few photos from today with you.

Have a nice winter day !
DeniVev :*

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