Summary 2013

Hello  ! Yes we all know that 2014 just started and I thought it would be good idea to make a little summary and see what happened in my 2013. I did enjoy this year A LOT and I also had to do a lot of decisions especially the second half of it. So lets see....

I started being REALLY active at social networks and my blog.
I found my huge love in taking photos. Really, photography became my passion and ever since then nothing has changed.
Also, painting has always been part of my life but I have never done any painting that I would love as much as I love this one.
And I had a homecoming at school. 

 I changed my hair color into a little bit lighter shades
Photos by my friend Meli....

Sporting has started.... it didn´t last for very long
 From one of my OOTDs :) ALWAYS wearing the same trenchcoat and scarf

I went to soo many football matches... 
 One of my besties celebrated 18th B-day
 My hair were soooo long.... I kinda miss them

Another Birthday party
 Crazy selfies are my thing

I cut my hair
11.6. - It is my B-day
Trip to Budapest Hungaria
Still painting
 Present from my friend Meli (she brought this from London)
 Trying pink highlight
 Started at work

Family trip to Budapest
 Photoshooting with Meli
 Changed my bedroom
 Shopping trip to Budapest ( yeah I know a lot of trips to Budapest ;) )

 Those "hard" working days

Back to school

 Photoshooting for my facebook page
 Family Sunday Walks

 Making Christmas presents

 Christmas decorating of my bedroom

And thats probably it ! :) I hope your 2013 was really special and that 2014 will be even better ! :)
DeniVev :*

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