Do you feel it ?!

Everyone around me is going crazy for Christmas. All youtube vloggers are doing Vlogmas. Everyone is getting their shopping done. Facebook dashboard is filled with festive home decor. Christmas songs on repeat at college. It feels like everyone has a festive mood except for me. 

And for some reason I am still not feeling it. It might be cause of how busy I am or by the fact it ain´t cold enough for me to feel the spirit. It is so weird and so different to what I am used to. 
So I kind of forced myself to go to pinterest, tumblr etc and get into that spirit. Whilst listening to Justin Bieber´s and She&Him christmas playlist. Did it help?! Not too much ahah, but I sure found few things I want to potentially test out this season. So I am obviously going to share those with you now.

I love those nights when you start making your mulled wine, watch christmas movies and wrap presents. Being creative and putting all this yummy-ness into your tummy! Yes please.
This is such an easy way to make your baked goods look festive, isn´t it?! I think I will prepare this for a girls night in, I have planned with my girlies. It is so easy, seriously! Now there is nothing you can say that would make it alright for you not to bake this christmas season ahah.

Tell me I am not the only one who is trying to one up their own gift wrapping skills year after year. I hope I am not anyways. So as far as gifts go I like to keep everything as personal and sentimental as possible. Why?! Because I am that way. I play on people feelings ahaha. But you can not wrap that kind of prezzies just any way. It has to be personal. That is why I really like these hand made tags. Oh and that lovely reindeer canvas work? In love! I actually made some like that last year soooo.

Thats actually all I have for today. I didn´t want to keep you for too long you know :)
Do I feel the Christmas mood now? No! But I am officially excited for when I get home and bake with my mom. For that awkward moment when we go pick up our christmas tree and that stress of whole family decorating the tree. And all those lovely moments.
Are you ready? Do you feel the spirit?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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