The Nice List

Yes! I was nice. At least that is what "Santa" must have thought. Even though in my opinion it is Santa who must have been bloody nice this year since I was blessed enough to get so many amazing things except for all that delicious food, atmosphere and other festivities. This was a year full of surprises since older I get less I ask for. I actually didn´t ask for anything. All I did was that I´ve mentioned to my mum what I was looking for lately.

 Are you the same? I bet I am not the only one who finds it more difficult to ask for something then to actually get a gift for someone. I actually really enjoy giving presents and coming up with new great things. And a little trick for those who don´t, if you cant go practical go sentimental way. Or the other way around. There is always something to think of.
 Since I only really asked for a few hair styling things like crocodile clips or combs, my fam had it pretty hard. Somehow they surprised me big time. My dad did a classic trick of telling I won´t get something I really liked and then went and got it without me having a clue. Sister is always original and does pretty spontaneous stuff so makes me tense when I unwrap gifts from her. And then my mom. She is CRAZY. Always tries to fulfill all our wishes she hears all year round. Truly incredible.
 Let me know what are your traditions! What did you get? Were you surprised?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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