Festive Travels

Yes, places like Paris, London or New York seem so amazing during Christmas time. And of course they are on top of my list of places I want to visit, especially during this time of the year. 

But then there are so many more places that are really worth checking and I am so happy I have been to some of them already. Especially these two that I will quickly show you. 

For starters I´d like to say that I do love my capital city! I am a proud Slovakian and I am surprised that Bratislava still looks as good as it does. It always gives me shivers when I visit it but the fact that I have been there during Christmas so many times before it doesn´t  feel special anymore. That´s why it doesn´t belong to my favs. It is still pretty. It actually  gets nicer each year. These are few festive places from last year...

But the place that seems closer to my heart is Budapest. If you know me as my friends or family you know that I have a real thing for this beautiful city. I love the atmosphere, the architecture, tourists etc. I would go there any time of the year but Christmas... I have been there for last few years. I am going there in few days with my besties. I couldn´t help myself ahah. But it really is worth visiting. They prepare something new for you every year and it is magical every time.

And then city I have visited every year during my high school years. Wien! It is stunning and full of history (and money) all year round but their Christmas markets, concerts, decorations and everything really should be named the best in whole Europe. It does hold this spot for me probably for sentimental reasons, but then I ´ve heard many people feel the same bout it so it must be true.
Oh and don´t get me started on Christmas shopping here. Too many sales and too little money. And then I only have two hands and I sure wouldn´t carry everything I want to get for my fam lol.
Where would I like to go after these? Do I "dream" of visiting any other festive places? Except for London, NY, Paris and those "mainstream" ones. I do! 
First on the list is Chicago! Why? I wanted to visit this city for a while now and I know I will eventually, but it seems like smaller version of NY especially during christmas. 

I feel like Florence is a Must see for all Christmas lovers and "elfs" like me. It is stunning, magical and festive AF. Just imagine walking round hand in hand with your loved one, doing Christmas shopping then going for nice Italian dinner, drinking wine, listening to festive music....

Ever since I got a little taste of life in Scandinavia, when I spent a week in Denmark, I knew I have to go back. Visit as many places as possible, including, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo!I really want to visit Oslo during festive season. I have seen few bloggers travel out there and I feel like, if Santa ever took a holiday he would go there. Don´t know why it just feels so amazing.

But obviously the best place for me to travel to this year was my hometown. Being home with my family and do all our traditions together is all I ask for at the moment.
And what about you? Have you been to any of these? Let me know- as always.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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