Be Warm, Be Classy, Be Stylish

How to stay warm when its 0 degrees Celsius?! How do I keep my outfits somewhat stylish or classy?! Those were the question running through my head a few days ago as I was trying to pack for my holidays in Slovakia. For those who don´t know it is in the middle of Europe where we do get a proper winter. It really gets cold over here. If we are lucky we might get some snow too. 
That is why I thought there is no way I could look presentable whilst keeping myself warm. But then I did what I always do when I´m in doubt. I went online. Browsed for a while and found few outfits that inspired me and my packing. They might inspire your warm and classy outfits too.

My key point was to keep layering so pack multiple pieces that would work with each other. That was not a problem since I keep buying the same shades of color. Then having sweaters. As many types as I could fit in. Then simple basics as black shirt, white shirt, ankle boots and jeans. Neutral bag is great to have and one that would add little something for your nigh time looks. All you need then is some accessories that would bring it all together.

Do you agree that these are the easiest and best ways to pack and get dressed?! What are your go to looks?!
Let me know as always.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :* 

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