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Holiday season is upon us. Parties everywhere and all we think of is the dress, shoes, makeup and what about the hair?! Now what I think of as an essential is hands! Nails! Having a beautiful manicure is one of few musts at any party. And what colors I am into lately?! What nail polishes didn´t get a break this season?! Keep reading.

Now it seems like a cliche to just wear dark reds, burgundy, etc. for holidays season or fall/winter in general. That is why I put a spin on it this time. And I even included some nude-ish shades. Who is proud?! Ahaha.

First of all there is a nailpolish I think every girl needs in her collection. Its color MAGENTA by NEW LOOK. Super cheap but real good quality and it lasts on for so long! I really recommend checking stores like h&m, new look, topshop or even primark and browsing their beauty section. They often have really trendy colors and products for only a couple of quid.

Then I have here a burgundy color but with metallic and glittery finish by CATRICE in color First Class Up-Grape. It is a beautiful color for all metallic lovers. I love adding a little blink blink to everything and this is a great way to even just spice up a classic burgundy manicure. If you don´t feel like going all out with simply this color you can do one accent nail or do french manicure combined with the New Look plum polish. I did try that and it was amaaazing.

But then if you feel like going real crazy do try MAYBELLINE Colorama in 101 . It gives this incredible scale of colors. For some reason it reminds me of a peacock feathers. It is just stunning shade that looks slightly different in every light.
And then there are the nudes. They are a huge trend. Especially if you have stiletto nude nails. I am a big fan of them but what is better then Nude and Matt?! The perfect nailpolish for that is ESSENCE Satin in NEW YORK CITY CALL. Gives a nude, pearl or champagne shade. And seems impossible to chip or remove. Makes your everyday manicure looks much more luxurious what gives you right amount of diva sass to cope with anything a day brings.

And as last but sooo not least is CATRICE in The Glamoure X Factore . It is a freaking gold nailpolish! I love gold metallic and this always makes my day that much better. Plus ladies what is more suitable for those glamorous holiday parties then gold.

What are your favorite colors? Have you tried any of these?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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