Insta of The Week : Miss Lalonde

I mean Estee Lalonde! Yes the blogger and vlogger. I love her loads for pretty long now. I remember writing about her and her boyfriend on here almost two years ago and saying how much I love their style, relationship and their traveling vlogs. Well what I like about her instagram is that it is a real extension of her and who she is.

Estee´s insta is full of great photos from her wanders, travels, homie days, blogger events, flowers, food, coffee or her fab style. Just everything pretty.
 I love getting a fashion and home-wear inspiration from Estee whenever I just don´t have more ideas. Or sometimes she puts just real great photos on her account and that inspires me to get my ass out of the house ahah.

Like come on guys! Look at her style. Comfy, simple but chic. And so classy and timeless. I am being serious! Clothes she wears will be defo in for next few seasons or they at least won´t be a sin to wear like whenever. And yes I might have got a little crush on her hairstyle. I said I might!

 Are you her fan as well?! Do you read her blog?! Let me knoe who you were obsessed with this week.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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