Them Red Once

As the festive season has basically began I thought it is time to write a short post about my perfect and favorite Christmas pair of pumps that I hope I´d get to wear more then once. I already shared these with you but they are so amazing and so me I have them here again. 
I am all about simple and classic outfit combinations and then adding something more colorful for example a necklace or a pair of shoes is my essential step in winter fashion. So I can´t wait to start combining my red pumps from Graceland bought in Deichmann for probably only 9,95€ as many times as possible in next couple of weeks. Especially since they are not too high which makes them much comfier. 

Look how chic even they look just by adding them red pumps. It makes everything look more festive, elegant and classy-sassy.
How would I style them if I head my dream wardrobe?!

How would you wear it?! Is there a trend you love to rock this season of the year?! 
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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