Am I too old ?!

I love cooking, baking and anything to do in the kitchen. And having a great book to cook from is the best feeling I have. Sometimes I get more excited about new cook book then about a new pair of shoes. Which is A LOT. Today I got a new one for a collection. And I actually started making MY OWN collection of cook books. Not my mothers or our family books. MINE. That is so exciting! ahah. Does it mean that I am getting real old or is that just that I love food and making it?! I don´t know, but I thought that in case there are some of you as obsessed as I am I will make a post showing my fav cook books and sharing some of my fav chefs, food vloggers and food bloggers (since I am one of them ).
I have two favorite chefs and we do own their books.
First is Nigella Lawson and her FEAST. This book is full of recipes for all the holidays we have. Amazing and delicious recipes that aren´t that hard to cook either. I also love her shows and especially Nigellissima where she shows her take on her fav Italian dishes. The only thing I would like to change on her books is that I love when there is a photo of every single food to see what it is actually supposed to look like and there isn´t a pic of everything. Other then that I love it! Oh and yeah it was originally  present for my mum for last years Christmas but I probably enjoy it a bit more then she does ahah.
Then I am obsessed with Jamie Oliver! He was my little crush when I was younger and I would say that I grew up watching his show. Today meeting him is one of my like 5 year goals and I don´t miss a video he puts (or they put for him) to his YouTube channel. We already own two of his books and I will be getting his newest The Comfort Food for Christmas. I am sooo excited about the new one since it will be My first Jamie book. whoop whoop ahah.

Then there is a Czech-Slovak chef duo that co-works with Lidl supermarket and they just made a book full of probably 104 recipes. I got this one for free for shopping in the store and I didn´t think I´d like the recipes as much as I do. Really easy (for me) and delicious food that you can cook daily and from food you find in Lidl. Which is great since that is where I shop the most in UK.
And then there is a monthly magazine that I started buying in summer and my sister continuous buying them now and I am in love with them. It is full of delicious food, recipes, tips an tricks for kitchen. In case you are able to buy it do so!

Food blogs were super on trend this year and a lot of new blogs were created especially for sharing anything about food. These are a few of my favs :
Bratilicious are food bloggers based in Bratislava and they share a lot of good recipes, places to eat and other events including anything culinary.
Then there is my baking love Oh Ladycakes. The best baking recipes ever. Plus their photos are beautiful and they always make me crave a lot of sweets. Yummy.
And as last blogger there is Sammi from Beauty Crush who is one of my all time fav fashion and lifestyle bloggers. She also started blogging about food lately and I am loving it. I get a lot of inspirations from her and it all also looks great to the eye.
As far as vloggers/youtubers go I have mention Jamie Olivers channel already. Over there you can find him cooking but also some of this team/crew/friends cook/bake or even make drinks. He made one big and great food/drink community and I love it.
Via Jamies channel I found Cupcake Gemma. Amazing baker that I get a lot of ideas from. Thank of her I started being much more creative and brave whilst baking.
Fleur De Force is one of my TOP fav youtubers and I am subscribed to her for about 4 years now. This year she collaborated with Sainsbury´s and now Fleur and her husband Mike are making weekly cooking videos. I adore the sooo much.
As completely last I´d like to share mine and my sisters food blog. Obviously I like it the most ahah.
 What are your favorite chefs, cooking books, food blog or vloggers?! Do you have any of them the same as I do?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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