Them 10 Moments in 2014

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This year was great. Full of unexpected moments and moments that will forever stay in my mind. My life has changed completely and now I am sat in my room and I feel almost speechless. I am happy I can even put these few words down.
There is a lot on my mind now, for example thoughts like: "How fast did this year gone by?! What have I done?! Why have I done all that?!" I just want to go back in time now and relive it all again so I can look at everything from another perspective. Enjoy every minute of everything I thought was stressful and miserable just as Tim in About Love. I am sure I am not the only one who would like to do so. Perhaps Hermione could borrow me her time traveling necklace. But since we know that ain´t really realistic I will just go back using photographs that we know I take 24/7 and share my favorite moments of 2014 with you that way. Shall we begin?!

I started a year as a proud graduate wearing my green ribbon and with my lovely class at our last prom/homecoming where we´d be together. Since it was my last year at high school every event we had was special to me. Especially this one. I mean look at us! We look super badass ahah.
As second I would like to mention my last official day at school when we were pretending that we are still trying to study. After school we went home and changed ourselves into costumes and went to say our final goodbye to our teachers. That is a tradition at our school and every student is getting ready for that moment from the first minute he/she steps into our high school. A day later we had a official ceremony where we were presented as those who are about to graduate and made it all the way to that day. These moments were super fun for us and will be forever written in my mind.
I can´t leave out all that partying and other nights out that I have been to this year. I was trying to spend as much time with my friends as I could because I knew that nothing will be that way again. I feel really blessed for being a part of their lives and having a chance to meet them. In case any of my friends, best friends or ex-classmates is reading this I´d like to thank to all of them for making 2014 so incredible and memorable for me.
 Every one is excited about their 18th birthday. Everyone is happy about being an adult. I wasn´t so sure about that. I did still enjoy it and spending that day with my mom, my sister and my that (through skype ahah) felt great. That is why it made its way into top 10 ;)
I even VLOGGED that day
 I celebrated my birthday with two of my best friends by taking a two day trip to Budapest. We had loads of fun, met new people, seen things, I hurt my knee by falling on it, we drank, spent too much money and it all felt great.
 After a long time my family finally went for a summer holiday. We barely ever had time to do so and this year since we all had a lot of work or studying we felt super excited about this holiday. Per usual we did something absolutely different then any other family did. We went into the mountains and everyday we went either for a hike or to see any castle. Active and historical trip. Loved it!
 I think it is pretty clear that my life has changed the most after I moved into the UK. Liverpool has a big part in my heart ever since then. I always wanted to live in the England and now I do. Funny where my life takes me.
 As a blogger, the fashion one in particular, and a fashion lover in general one of my goals had always been getting to Fashion Weeks. I had a chance thank of my new Liverpool friend (you know) to go to Liverpool Fashion Weeks which is something I would say a good start. It might not be my TOP moment of 2014 but it definitely deserves to be part of these 10.
 I spent 17 years living in one flat with my family. Then one year with my mom and my sister. I have seen the same people every day and studied at the same school for 8 years. Changing my life and home so rapidly and not seeing "my people" and "my places" for three months was suddenly such a big shock and difference. That is why spending Christmas holidays with my family in my hometown feels so good.
 And as the 10th I would like to thank to all of you who are watching my video and reading my blog, since seeing the progress that  my little babies go through and meeting a lot of new people thank of that is one of the best things that happened to me this year. I made a lot of new friends via blog and my channel and I got a lot of different opportunities I would not get without it.
At the end I would like to thank every single person that I have met this year and to everyone who helped me or just made me laugh.
I hope you will have a nice New Years Eve and you will begin your 2015 well!

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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