The outside is important too

Yes, I think that the outside matters as well. And no, I am not talking about someone´s character. I am talking about clothing and outfits. 
When I was younger I considered coats and jackets as a necessary at cold/winter months and I wore them just so I don´t freeze. But now that I am older I know that they can be statement or main piece of your outfit and they can also change or complete the look. I also became kind of obsessed with them and I have to keep reminding myself whilst wandering around store that I ain´t have enough space in my closet to get all the coats I like. If I didn´t do so I´d have to move my bed out to the street and sleep there so I have the storage I need. 

I know for sure that I share this love (or obsession) with Frances since we keep "aww"-ing and "oooh"-ing over the coats every time we meet up. So now that she did her "Wishlist: Winter Coats" post I knew it is my turn to share my thoughts about newest trends in outwear, my favorites and my thoughts. So shall we start?!

Lately I have a feeling that bigger, baggier and longer your coat is cooler, trendier and better you look. Whilst walking around town I saw girls wearing loads of different outwear but these baggy once are definitely most common this season. And to be honest I am loving it. Not only that it gives you this comfy and casual feeling plus look it also gives you a nice masculine touch that looks great paired with stilettos and cigarette pants which are huge trend as well. 
   This trend of manly looking coat usually in camel/brown/caramel shades is my total fav. I own similar myself and I love how versatile piece it is. You can wear it the way you see above and make it look super chic (more of a New York or Parisian way) and classy or wear it down with sneakers (below) and make it  casual and comfy (more of a Milan way).  Either way you will be a total star where ever you show up wearing this beauty. 
I have never felt any attraction to those longer coats that were huge trend probably back in the 80´s. But 
now everything is different. They give you that strong and sophisticated look and you don´t even need to wear a suit or heels.  Unfortunately I don´t own this piece yet but I am on a hunt for one that won´t make me look like... well... witch or Dumbledore ahah.
Oh and furry/fake furry/ sheep-y coat! YAAAAS ahah. Love them. They add such a glam touch to every day look. It is one of those thinks that you either love it or hate it. We LOVE it.  You can get them everywhere now and in every price range. 
 And then that poncho/cape styled coats. SO cute and girly. You get that princess-y feeling we all like to have every now and then.
Just cuteness and beauty no matter which style you choose to wear. And you really don´t have to pay hundreds of pounds/euros/dollars... for them. You can go to Primark, H&M or NewLook to get that lower priced one or if you like brands and designers go ahead and pick one from there. 
You know I don´t like to spend too much money on something I know I can get for cheaper so I did my research and selected a few stores where you can definitely get these loves. 
New Look
 River Island

Which one of these trends is your fav?! What is your winter must-have from outwear and where did you buy them?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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