3 Easy Ways to do your Hair for Winter

2:52 AM

We all have these days when we are either in a rush or lazy or we are having a bad hair day. That is why I made this short hair tutorial for you all to see how easy it is to do something with your hair on those days.

Hairstyle number one is perfect if you are too lazy to do anything but you don´t want your hair in the face all day long. Just tie half of them at the back and leave the rest down to keep you a little bit warm. Then add some accessory do adapt it to your style and you are done. Easy, quick and people would think that you actually did put an effort to your look this time.

Hair number two is best for bad hair days but also works for really cold once. Just hide everything with a cute beanie or floppy hat and ad a braid of your liking. French braid, dutch, fishtail or classic.

Hair number three is one of those when you are really in a rush but you need to look cute and look like you put some time into the way you look. Either it is for school, work or a date. Works for all of them. It is just simple braid but by adding that one simple touch and making a snake effect your hair looks completely different.

Which of these is your favorite?! What are your quick and easy hairstyles?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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