OOTD: Unexpected and spontaneous

Yesterday I had an amazing day! One of those girly and chatty times. I met up with Frances - I mentioned her million times already- and we went shopping and then for a coffee. Somehow, so casually for blogers, we ended up taking outfit photos for each other. Looking at it now I had a lot of fun taking pics for Frances and seeing her critically checking her face on every single one I took (ahah).
So there you have it ... enjoy
 I wore my classic "uniform" which means I paired jeans with my trench and flats. I went for a bit different top by adding a white see through blouse. Oh and THOSE sunglasses. That is my newest edition into collection and I have never been this happy about a pair of sunnies. When I saw them in PRIMARK I loved them and then I thought they won´t suit me since rounded sunglasses never been my thing. I put them and oh my.... they DID suit me. And when I saw a pricetag I knew it is a sign. They were ONLY 1 pound! WHAT?! I obviously couldn´t let them in the store, you understand that.
I wore: TAKKO trenchcoat, F&F jeans, C&A top, PRIMARK blouse, DEICHMANN bag, AUCHAN flats, PRIMARK sunglasses.
photo credit: FrancesCassandra
Until next time...keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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