Last Minute Halloween

Hello beautiful faces! (Yes sooo boring)
We all know that Halloween is just a few days to go and we should all already know what costume we´ll wear and what make-up we´ ll go for, but at the same time we all know that probably 60 percent of you have no idea what to do. Well don´t worry I´ve got you covered!
I made two tutorial on two classic and really simple Halloween looks that you can create in about 20 minutes on your own at home using those classic make-up products every woman owns.
And I also thought that a little outfit inspo would be a great idea so I created two looks for both of costume ideas. I used (as always) polyvore to create them, but I chose clothing pieces that we all should own so there is no excuse for you to arrive for a party wearing casual outfit.

For the witch look : We all need our LBD and some cardigan and booties OR skater skirt with shirt and booties. Accessories with a cute witch hat and knee high socks and you are ready to gooooo
For the cat look: I would be able to put a cat outfit together from my closet in like 5 minutes. After Taylor Swift´s 22 video clip we all own a pair of cat ears (don´t deny it!) and then you just need something cozy and fur would be great. I think we all have a little bit of fur in our wardrobe even if it is just piece on gloves or booties. Its fluffy it works! In case you own one of those -oh so trendy- chokers you can add that as well.
Oh and in case you are a last minute party host then you need some treats so I thought I´ll collect a few videos and pics for you to get inspiration from as well.... 
Alright, did that help you?! I hope it did ahah .... Have a happy and spooky Halloween guys and let me know what are your plans :)
DeniVev :*

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