Liverpool Fashion Week and My Experience

Hello loves!
Well it is pretty obvious that I love fashion. I grew up thinking I would be a fashion designer after all. And we all know I am a real dreamer. So when I tell you that I had an amazing dream about me going to fashion shows during Liverpool Fashion Week and having one of the best nights ever, you won´t be even surprised. Well I was. Especially, because it wasn´t a dream. The whole night felt like I am deep in my sleep ( and not just because of the lack of sleep I had the night before) but because a week ago I would not think of this actually happening. A week ago I didn´t even know I will be going to this event.
So on friday I got a message from lovely Frances from www.francescassandra.com  asking me if I´d like to be her partner in fashion crime and go to one of the fashion nights with her. Of course I said yes. It was actually a St.Moritz brand who gave me this opportunity and I am more then thankful for that.
After the whole magic that happened on Tuesday night I stayed speechless. I was going to bed with a HUGE smile on my face and now I can´t even put words down about how I feel anymore. Everyone who I spoke with this night was lovely and excited. Oh and the music they picked for the whole show was so cool and catchy. I couldn´t help myself but sing along ahah.
Now I think I said just enough so I´ll just let you look at all the photos I prepared for you.....

 I really liked collection that Hannah Hodge had prepared (first three runway photos) and I also loved that vintage vibe that Diamonds are forever did in their collection.
Oh and we also tried to look super cool and stylish ahah. This is what I wore for a night.
Trenchcoat TAKKO, Blouse PRIMARK, Top H&M, Pants PRIMARK, Necklace PRIMARK, Shoes AUCHAN, bag DIY
 And in case you would like to see my whole experience in a video version with everything that happened before and after that day ... here you are.

Thank you for taking your time and reading these few lines, that I always enjoy writing for you. Todays post was a bit more special then any other once so I have no idea how to finish it. What if I just let it hang?!

Until next time.... Keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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