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Yes! Tartan. A HUGE trend all around the world. This pattern has become a obsession of every fashionista and I don´t think it would change any time soon. And obviously I am a real fan of tartan as well. Thats the reasson why I decided to make this post and tell you a little more about tartan and show you who wears it. If you are interested in to how I´d style this pattern then check out my last OOTD post.

Firstly, lets learn something about this wonderfull pattern. This is what Wikipedia told me (shortly) : 
 is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. Tartan is often called plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartancloth slung over the shoulder as a kilt accessory, or a plain ordinary blanket such as one would have on a bed.
In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, tartan-clad garments featured in fashion catalogues. By then, tartan had shifted from being mainly a component of men's clothing to become an important part of women's fashion. In consequence of its association with the British aristocracy and military, tartan developed an air of dignity and exclusivity. Because of this, tartan has made reappearances in the world of fashion several times. For instance, tartan made a resurgence in its use in punk fashion. In the late 1970s punk music was a way for youth in the British Isles to voice their discontent with the ruling class. The unorthodox use of tartan, which had long been associated with authority and gentility, was then seen as the expression of discontent against modern society. In this way tartan, worn unconventionally, became an anti-establishment symbol

Really educational right?! SO now that we know what it is lets look at who wears tartan. I found hundreds of youtubers and bloggers wearing and buying all kind of clothes with this pattern, as well as acessories like scarves or gloves and also celebrities finds it cool. 
 If you are looking for a good ways of wearing tartan and for like a little inspiration deffinitelly check out these two bloggers: HelloItsValentine and KirstyWears . I feel like Kirsty wears something with tartan every single day. Seriously. So cool :)

And then WHERE to buy the best tartan clothes.... I found more cool stores for you that you will deffinitelly be able to find your fav piece.
For example if you are looking or thinking of just a little and more simple piece (for start) check out H&M scarves. They have two colors of tartan. Classic red and also a white-beige combination.
If you are more into dresses - PRIMARK. Deffinitelly. Primark has the cutest tartan dresses I have ever seen :D You can find ones more rocky and edgy but also once with PeterPan collar.
For shirt and blouses check out JCREW and NASTYGEL. They have loads of sick stuff.
If you are braver go and try leggings with this pattern. I think you can find some in NEWLOOK.
And then there is ASOS where you can find EVERYTHING with tartan pattern.
These are more of cheap stores since I dont think you want to spend hundreds on something that  after all might not suit you.

Well thats all for today.
I hope you have learned something and that you will give this trend a go. Also, I hope you enjoyed and until friday keep safe.
DeniVev :*

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